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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Tragedy averted: Devastated part of Pavagadh temple complex collapsed, causing chaos among devotees, no casualties

Tragedy averted: Devastated part of Pavagadh temple complex collapsed, causing chaos among devotees, no casualties

  • Following the accident, the temple administration and Tantra reached the spot and started removing the debris.
  • As it is Sunday, about 50,000 devotees gathered for Pavagadh Darshan
  • If there had been a major tragedy at the Pavagadh temple today, there would have been a big loss of lif

A part of the Mahakali Mata temple complex on Pavagadh Dungar in Panchmahal district collapsed this afternoon. However, no casualties were reported in the incident and a major mishap was averted. As it is Sunday today, more than 50,000 devotees have reached Pavagadh, so there could have been a big loss if a major tragedy had taken place.

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Suddenly, a part of the temple complex collapsed, causing panic among the devotees

The Pavagadh temple was closed to devotees for the last long time amid the Corona epidemic. However, since then, the Pavagadh temple has been opened to the public as per the guidelines of the government. While renovation work is going on at Pavagadh temple, 

old construction work is going on in and around the temple premises, this afternoon one side of the office of Pavagadh temple complex suddenly collapsed and there was an atmosphere of chaos among the devotees. Following the incident and a large number of pilgrims gathered, traffic was stopped on the road.

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Debris removal operations were started

As soon as the incident was reported, the temple administration and local authorities rushed to the spot and started removing the debris. In the wake of this tragedy, the entry caution of the devotees visiting the temple has been increased.

No precautionary measures were taken

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According to the information received, this dilapidated part of the temple was to be demolished in 2 days as part of the renovation. However, no precautionary measures were taken at the site. With thousands of devotees coming, the temple administration needs to pay attention to this matter.


The kitchen part of the machine crashed

Pavagadh temple trustee Rajubhai Bhatt said in a conversation with Divyabhaskar that the renovation and development work of the temple has been going on for a long time. As part of which, this part of the temple was also demolished. Meanwhile, as the men were unloading the wall, part of the kitchen was smashed by the machine. Fortunately no one was injured in the incident.

(Reporting and photos: Maqsood Malik, Halol)

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