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Sunday, October 18, 2020

Tragedy: Father, son, daughter drown in sea

Tragedy: Father, son, daughter drown in sea

Tragedy near Koliyak Immaculate Mahadev Temple near Bhavnagar

When Labhubhai came with his family and uncle's brothers to dissect his grandfather's bones, he took a photo with his family on the beach, but who knows what nature thought, the photo taken with this family became the last picture with his family.

The family of Dholka, who had come to bury the bones in the immaculate sea of ​​Koliyak near Bhavnagar, immersed the bones and bathed in the sea in which the father, son and daughter drowned in the deep waters of the sea.

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 According to the information received in this regard, Labhubhai Ramtubhai Nayak (U.V.40), a native of Malpara village in Valabhipur taluka and living at Dholka railway quarters and serving in the railways, came with his family and family brothers to bury his grandfather's bones in the immaculate sea near Bhavnagar. Labhubhai bathed in the sea with his son Jayesh (age 13) and daughter Sarojben (age 16) and brother Sahadev Were drowning.

Labhubhai and his son and daughter were killed before they could be rescued when they saw a trader carrying a snack truck on the local beach. Staff including Ghogha PI PR Solanki and Sarpanch of Gudi Koliyak and Rajubhai Soni rushed to the spot after learning about the boat and the bodies of the three were taken out by local swimmers and shifted to Koliyak Hospital at PM.

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Talking to his uncle's brother Sahadev Bhai who came with the deceased Labhubhai, he said that my brother has to go for a walk as well as to dissect the bones of my grandfather. But Labhubhai's eldest daughter was pregnant and Labhubhai's wife did not take a bath.

 Later I got out of the bath but Labhubhai and his son and daughter started drowning as the water was going up to their chests. The elder brother of the deceased, Baldevbhai, told the police that he had come from Dholka Mata Madhe to collect flowers during Koliyak and drowned while taking a bath.


I'm so sorry I couldn't save anyone

As I was standing in my lorry, I saw a brother drowning in the sea and a man with me ran to rescue him, but by the time he got there, the men were drinking water and killing him. When he was taken out, his wife cried and said that my son and daughter had also drowned so we fell back into the sea and took them both out. We are sorry that we worked hard to save all three but could not save them. > Firozbhai Sulemanbhai Syed

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