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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Two brothers slandered a young man by calling him a 'thief', committing suicide by recording a video

Two brothers slandered a young man by calling him a 'thief', committing suicide by recording a video

Maulik Dhamecha / Ahmedabad: A young man working in a factory in Danilimda area of ​​Ahmedabad has committed suicide and two fellow employees have been charged with incitement to suicide. These people called the young man a thief and harassed him. 

The young man committed suicide in the factory. However, a few days after the suicide, a video recording was found in which the Danilimda police registered a case of incitement to suicide against two siblings. Danilimda police have traced the two brothers as they fled the country after the complaint.

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Akash and his brother Ankit have been working for the last three years as operators in a private company in the Danilimda area of ​​the city. Along with Akash and Ankit, Hariom alias Golu Ramavatar Tomar and his brother Santosh Ramavatar Tomar also worked as his co-workers. Akash and Ankit were from the same village and lived together. 

But on September 23, at 3 pm, while Brijesh was driving around in his rickshaw, Akash Tomar called a young man named Brijesh and said that Hariom and his brother Santosh, who were working with me in the factory, were falsely accusing me of mobile theft and they The police are threatening to file a case against me. So Bridges told Akash that if nothing like this happens, he should go home with his salary. However, Akash cried and said, "My Seth will not pay me now. Hariom and his brother Santosh beat me up a few days ago and are defaming me by saying that you are a thief."

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Meanwhile, on September 25, Sahadev Tomar called Bridges and said that Akash has been hanged, but there is no need to panic. We took him to LG Hospital. So on reaching Brijesh Hospital, cousin Ankit was present along with people including his seth. 

At that time, the deceased's brother Ankit also said that Akash had swallowed the traps for an incomprehensible reason. So his body was taken to Rajasthan for the final rites. Police have registered a complaint against Hariom and Santosh following a video found from the deceased's mobile phone in which he had earlier talked to Brijesh.

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Akash also did a video recording before committing suicide

"I want to prove my veracity by committing suicide," Akash said in the video. Nowadays I lived in Ahmedabad without trusting anyone. My friend Hariom and his brother with satisfaction but they did not trust me. 


A boy's mobile phone was lost, which was worth ten thousand. But they did not trust me. They doubted him. We were good friends. I have been to their house many times. Both brothers took me out of my sight. I want to commit suicide and prove myself right....

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