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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Vartej Mass Suicide Case: My Lanka was looted, my wife is having an affair with a man but I am committing suicide with my boy

Vartej Mass Suicide Case: My Lanka was looted, my wife is having an affair with a man but I am committing suicide with my boy

The father of Navagam gave the traps to his two children and ate the traps himself

Video of wife having an affair with another goes viral

The wife of Shramjivi, who lives at Navagam in Vartej Tabe near Bhavnagar, has been suffering from domestic violence for some time now. That's when the video made by the youth before the suicide came to light. In which he says that elder brother Jitubhai is not your son's fault.

 My wife had an affair with Eyre's boy. I have done what I had to do in life. No matter what relationship Gagla and my wife have, now she has to move to her house or sit in her house, even if she stays in her house. Me and my boy are happy to die. I don't even let the boy live. I have a back injury.

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The one I stayed with betrayed me

At the same time, in the video, it is said that I am dying because of this grief. And I am also killing my boy. Who has spotted my wife. I bless him. He will be sad. My soul has been burned. The one I lived with has betrayed me. The thing I know. Have seen. That's too bad.

 Don't blame anyone. My Lanka has been plundered. That is why I am being robbed. I have raised my hand against my mother-in-law. So brother, you are my big brother, forgive me. I came in time and raised my hand. What a black mouth my wife has made. He knows that. I don't want to see anything now. I'm going to die. You take care of your home and family. 

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From which I have taken money. He says he takes it from the gut. This is how the video made by Lalabhai before he died has gone viral. And what is the police doing now? It remains to be seen. The veracity of the video will also come out in the police investigation.

I found out about the video Tuesday morning

I came to know about the video of my deceased brother Nanabhai Lalabhai at 8-15 this morning. I saw his mobile today. And when I saw the video of him and his children, I cried a lot. In the video, my brother addressed me and told me that my younger brother's wife had an affair with Kardej's man. Boredom itself is taking this step. - Jitubhai Nagjibhai Chauhan, elder brother of the deceased, native village Kardej

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We have not found the video. I don't know anything about the viral video of the deceased Lalabhai. I don't have the video. If you have it, send it to me. I will watch it. - MS Jadeja, PSI, Vartej Police Station

Second incident of mass suicide in a month in Bhavnagar

According to the details of the incident, Lalabhai Nagjibhai Chohan (age 30), who was living and working at Navagam under Vartej police station, had been having a domestic dispute with his wife for some time. Husbands and wives often had quarrels over their financial situation. 


After the last quarrel, his wife Risai ran away to his pier and did not return despite being persuaded. He could not go out of business and his wife was angry, which made him tired. The first two children were tied to an iron pipe in the roof of the house and strangled, after which they too died after being trapped.

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