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Friday, November 13, 2020

Accident: Pregnant daughter will have trouble in the bus, so the father took the car to Tedava

Accident: Pregnant daughter will have trouble in the bus, so the father took the car to Tedava

The father's car, which was returning from Diwali with his pregnant daughter, was involved in an accident on the Dhulia-Surat National Highway in the Kondaibari valley. 

The truck driver took the car into Adfet and the car plunged 30 feet into the river. Three of the four in the car were killed in the morning. Daughter-in-law and father-in-law were killed in the incident. The deceased daughter was found to be 7 months pregnant.

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In Udha area of ​​Surat city, the married daughter is 7 months pregnant and was returning to her home in Dhulia car no. (MH-18W-2390) for Diwali. Were. While passing Kondaibari Ghat on Surat Dhulia Highway, the driver of an oncoming truck struck the car. In the accident, the car plunged 30 feet straight into the river. Gorakh Sonu Sarakh (45) (Mahir Ta Sakari Dist. Dhulia), Praful Suresh Waghmode (35) and Manisha Praful Waghmod (21) (both of Surat) died on the spot in the tragic accident.

 The deceased's younger sister Nikita Gorakh Sarakh (15) (resident of Mahir, Sakari, Dhulia) was seriously injured in the car accident. Upon learning of the incident, the police as well as locals rushed to the rescue. The driver of the accident Sergei truck had fled. Visarwadi police have registered a case against the truck driver.

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The woman who died was 7 months pregnant

Manisha Waghmod was seven months pregnant when she was killed in a Gozara accident at Kondaibari Ghat while going to Dhulia from Surat. The doctor said that Manisha had a son in her womb where she was taken to a government hospital for PM.

Another accident at the same place due to the sin of the system

The expansion work of Surat-Dhulia National Highway seems to be going on slowly and without any supervision. The road construction agency did not consider any safety measures on the road. The place where the accident took place today was the place where the two Travels of Surat had an accident a month ago. Five people were killed and 35 were injured. 

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Even after such a serious incident took place, no official took the incident seriously. As a result, 3 people have died in another accident today. The agency and National Highway officials were responsible for the deaths, against which people were demanding registration of a crime.

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