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Monday, November 23, 2020

Announcement: Curfew in Ahmedabad from 9 pm to 6 am till December 7, Commissioner of Police's announcement

Announcement: Curfew in Ahmedabad from 9 pm to 6 am till December 7, Commissioner of Police's announcement

AMTS and BRTS bus service has also started

A complete curfew was imposed for two days in Corona's transition Ahmedabad city. The city police commissioner has issued a notification saying that the night curfew will remain in place in Ahmedabad from 9 pm to 6 am till December 7. The curfew has been lifted since 6 a.m. Monday.

 Ahmedabad has been throbbing again since this morning. The movement of vehicles and people on the road has started. AMTS and BRTS bus service has also started. People are back on the road. People stayed at home for two days due to curfew. Since the offices have reopened this morning, people have started leaving.

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Tight security of Ahmedabad police even after curfew

After 57 hours in Ahmedabad, the curfew has been completed at 6 am today. With the completion of the curfew, public life in Ahmedabad has returned to normal. Scenes of the constantly crowded rice market were seen differently. Even after the curfew, Ahmedabad police is currently on stand-by. Tight police vigil has been in place since morning to prevent crowds in the rice market area. Police are giving insights to maintain social distance, not to crowd and wear masks.

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What was the situation like during curfew in Ahmedabad?

A curfew was imposed from 9pm last Friday to 6am this morning to curb the growing corona infection in the city, which was being strictly enforced. For this, police were deployed at the borders of Ahmedabad and strict checking was carried out. Only residents of the city and vehicles passing GJ-01 were being admitted, causing inconvenience to commuters from other districts coming into the city. 

Passengers coming from Saurashtra were stopped near Sanathal Chokdi as the city border was sealed. Intensive checking was being carried out at the entry point of Sanathal. Anyone who did not have a valid document or could not give a valid reason was not allowed into the city. Passengers had to return due to lack of entry into the city. Passengers wishing to return were being charged five to ten times the fare.

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Currently 127 micro containment zones implemented in the city

The micro containment zone has been growing in the western part of the city for a long time. Today 6 areas in the city have been liberated from micro containment zones. While 22 micro containment zones have been added with new cases being registered. 


Currently 127 micro containment zones are in operation in the city. Of these, 10 areas of newly added South Zone, 1 area of ​​Central Zone, 3 areas of South West Zone, 3 areas of East Zone, 1 area of ​​West Zone, 4 areas of North West Zone have been placed in micro containment.

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