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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Attack: A knife attack on a pressure relief branch employee in Rajkot.

 Attack: A knife attack on a pressure relief branch employee in Rajkot.

The assailant fled the scene and was apprehended by police within minutes of the count

Laridhar attacked the Manpani pressure relief branch on Nanamwa Road in Rajkot today. A man named Laridharak Nawaz attacked the pressure relief team with a knife. Vigilance police personnel Rana was shifted to hospital for treatment of minor injuries sustained in the attack. Nawaz fled after the attack. But people grabbed Nawaz and beat him in public in the presence of police.

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The vigilance police team was attacked with a knife

Laridharak Nawaz attacked the vigilance police team with a knife, causing a stampede among passers-by. Nawaz attacked with a knife and fled into a house. A police convoy later ran after him. Crowds of people had gathered following the incident. However, the police caught the accused Nawaz within minutes of the count and made him aware of the law. Police have taken Nawaz to the police station and are conducting further investigations.

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The restaurant was attacked by anti-social elements a month ago

Why didn't some people dine at Rajbhog Restaurant opposite Synergy Hospital near Madhapar Chokdi in Rajkot a month ago? Had a scuffle with the restaurant employee and the manager's son. So the whole incident was reported to the police and strangers kept going. 


The latter came again a few moments later and hurled large stones. Meanwhile 1 was shifted to Civil Hospital with injuries. However, the incident of the attack was captured on CCTV. Police later arrested the accused.

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