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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Cheating: Keeping the girl together for six years, having two abortions and finally telling her not to get married


Cheating: Keeping the girl together for six years, having two abortions and finally telling her not to get married

Trapped in a love trap after getting acquainted with a young woman working in the stock market, asking his wife to divorce him.

He kept the girl with him in different houses in Rajkot and Morbi, identifying people as his wife

A 35-year-old woman living in the city was caught in a love trap and kept in a relationship for six years. The man from Gitanagar had sexual intercourse several times and also had two abortions. The case reached the police after the boyfriend fled after leaving his girlfriend after years of temptation to divorce his wife and later get married.

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The conversation started after exchanging mobile numbers

The 35-year-old woman living in the city had named Niraj Vinodray Aditya, a resident of Jai Chamunda apartment in Gitanagar, as the accused in the complaint lodged at the Bhaktinagar police station. 

The girl said in the complaint that she is unmarried and while working in the office of a stock market businessman on Dhebar Road in 2013, Niraj Aditya, a resident of Gitanagar, was coming for investment when the two met and exchanged mobile numbers and fell in love.

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He tricked the young woman into saying that he would marry her after he divorced her

Niraj had lured the girl into his trap saying that he would marry her after his divorce and in 2014, his mother called the girl at his house in Gitanagar saying that he wanted to talk about marriage and forcibly had sex with the girl in her mother's absence. 

Talking about marriage, Niraj continued saying that he would get married after divorce and brought her to his house. The girl had been living with Niraj for a year and a half, but after a quarrel with her mother, Niraj had shifted to Morbi in her job and the two were living together as husband and wife in Morbi.

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Niraj identified the girl as his wife

When Niraj moved back to Rajkot in 2017, the two lived together in a Sumati Avenue flat near Madhapar Chokdi and identified Niraj as his wife. Niraj was divorced from his wife in October 2017. The girl has appealed to the High Court to marry him. He reassured her that he would get married in a few months. 

She felt that her boyfriend Niraj was cheating on her in the name of marriage. Started, but Niraj kept the girl away from marriage by saying new things every time, one day the girl checked Niraj's mobile and revealed that Niraj was chatting with several young women in it, although Niraj explained to his girlfriend that they are all just friends. 

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Rs 1 lakh in cash and Rs 15,000 for purchase of shares

The girl also alleged in the complaint that during her stay of six years, Niraj did not return the amount given to Niraj for the purchase of Rs 1 lakh in cash and Rs 15,000 in shares and that amount was also consumed by Niraj. Due to occasional intercourse, the girl became pregnant twice and Niraj had an abortion both times. Police registered a case and started searching for the accused.

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I've got another girl not to marry you.

The girl, who had been living with her boyfriend for six years, reached the police station when it came time to face the real situation.


 The girl also told the police that when her lover Niraj left her and ran away, she said, "I don't want to marry you, I have found another girl, do what you have to do, it's been so long." There is nothing you can do now.

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