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Friday, November 6, 2020

Dangerous accident: Audi jumps into 100 feet of air due to Audi car collision and dies on the spot

 Dangerous accident: Audi jumps into 100 feet of air due to Audi car collision and dies on the spot

The young man was going to take the police recruitment exam, but before he could take the exam, the car driver took him to Adfet

Jaipur: The number of accidents due to coronavirus has come down during the lockdown, but as the aftermath of the lockdown has eased, accidents are on the rise again. Accidental deaths are the result of a minor mistake made by a driver. One such accident has come up from Rajasthan today. Which is like raising a puddle. In this incident, a young man was killed after jumping 100 feet in the air in a car collision.

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The capital Jaipur has once again witnessed a tragic accident due to a high speed car driver. Here in the Sodala area, the driver of an Audi car hit the young man at such a full speed that he jumped up to 100 feet in the air.

 The young man bounced off the elevated road and crashed into the roof of a nearby building. The young man had his leg amputated in the accident and died on the spot. The youth was a resident of Pali district and had come here to appear for the Rajasthan Police Constable Recruitment Examination.

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The accident happened on an elevated road in the Sodla area this morning, according to police. Here a young woman was driving a full speed Audi car. Another girl was in the car with him. The driver, meanwhile, lost his balance on the car and hit the young man on the road. Carrey hit the young man at such a full speed that the young man jumped 100 feet into the air and later fell on the roof of a building near the wall of the elevated road. One of the legs of the youth was amputated in the accident and he died on the spot.

The young women escaped when the airbags of the car were opened and they got out of there. After the accident, the car also slid against the wall of the elevated road and one side of the car was blown out.

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 The car's airbags were opened during the accident, causing no harm to the young women. People who had gathered at the spot after the accident caught the women riding in the car. Upon receiving the information, the police rushed to the spot, detained him and initiated legal action.

The young man was identified as Madari of Pali


Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim was a resident of Pali district. She is identified as Madaram. And he had come to Jaipur to take part in the police constable recruitment exam, but before taking the exam he was the victim of a high speed car accident. Police are investigating the matter.

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