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Monday, November 23, 2020

Great sin: Intoxicated father throws 8, 5 and 3 year old children in canal, comes home and reports it himself

Great sin: Intoxicated father throws 8, 5 and 3 year old children in canal, comes home and reports it himself

The incident took place at 9.15 pm on Monday in Kunjpura area of ​​Karnal. A ruthless father from village Nallipar threw his three innocent children into the Avardhan canal near Kalvehari and Subri villages after a domestic dispute.

The children kept crying loudly, though the accused did not show mercy. The people present there also tried to stop. However he did not believe and fled, throwing the children away. He later came home and said that he had thrown the children into the canal. After receiving information about this, the police started searching for the children. A search-operation will be launched on Tuesday morning after dark.

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People rushed to the spot after hearing the sound of crying, by which time they threw and fled

Sushil, a resident of Nillapar, cuts a sugarcane truck. He has a habit of getting drunk. This causes quarrels in the house every few days. On Monday evening, he got into a quarrel with his wife over this matter. This enraged Sushil, who forcibly put his 8-year-old daughter Meena, 5-year-old son Dev and 3-year-old son Jani on the bike. Seeing Sushil's anger and the children crying, the neighbor ran after him. By then he had crossed the canal.

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Some people standing on the canal heard the cries of children. People told the accused to hang up from a distance, although he did not believe. After going a little farther, he threw the three children into the canal. By the time people reached the spot, Sushil had fled.


Accused Sushil reached home after some time and told the members of the house that the children had been thrown into the canal. He later absconded. As soon as he called the control room, Sushil's wife rushed to the police station. Villagers and family members rushed to the canal in search of the children.

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