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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hit and run: A teacher on her way to school from Viramgam to Bhojwa was later hit by a car.

Hit and run: A teacher on her way to school from Viramgam to Bhojwa was later hit by a car.

The car was seized by the police from Mandal Road

The driver of the car fled leaving the car on Mandal Road, Viramgam Town police started searching for the driver

On the Viramgam-Mandal highway on Monday morning, the driver of an eco-vehicle coming from behind to the Tripada Gurukulam school carrying an Activa from Viramgam to Bhojva drove at full speed and inadvertently drove the vehicle to the front. 

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The driver died on the spot after sustaining serious injuries to the head, mouth and body. Late in the evening, Viramgam Town police speeded the eco-vehicle over Mandal Road and started searching for the driver.

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According to the complaint lodged by Hakimuddin Abbasbhai Patel, cousin of the deceased woman at Viramgam Town Police Station (Aligarh, Viramgam), my cousin Masumaben Va / o Asifbhai Kapag Rahe was driving a Grand Itan vehicle towards Bhojwa village on Monday morning Hero Mestau was driving his scooter towards Tripada School, a short distance from Bhojwa village when the driver of the eco-vehicle from behind hit Masumaben's scooter on Masuma Ben Road from behind with speeding and reckless driving.


 The driver of Echo vehicle number GJ 38 BA 0792 fled from the spot towards Mandal Road when Ben died on the spot with severe head and body injuries. A complaint has been lodged at the Viramgam Town Police Station against the Echo driver in this regard. Investigation ASI Bharatsinh is running.

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