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Thursday, November 5, 2020

'I am from Kakan Rabari, Gandhigram', attack on police constable and his wife in Junagadh

'I am from Kakan Rabari, Gandhigram', attack on police constable and his wife in Junagadh

While the constable was having dinner with his grandson's wife, four people first threw stones at him and later beat him while he was going to explain.

Junagadh: An attack has been reported on a police constable at Junagadh C Division Police Station in the city. Police have registered a case against four persons and started an investigation. According to the information received, while the LRD jawan was having dinner with his wife at the hotel, four persons first threw stones at him. Meanwhile, while trying to convince the police, the four beat up the plaintiff and his wife (Junagadh Police Constable).

In this case, Piyushbhai Jadavbhai Chandera has complained that he lives with his wife Kajal in the police line at Bilkha Road in Junagadh. On 04-11-2020, he and his wife went to dine at the King and Queen Hotel opposite Baudin College at 11 pm. Here they sat down to eat at an open table. Meanwhile, someone threw pebbles at his wife from above. Two people were standing there checking on the latter.

'I am from Kakan Rabari Grandhigram'

The plaintiff wrote in his complaint, "When I went to explain to the people throwing pebbles, there were four people standing upstairs. When I asked who was throwing pebbles at my wife, one of them said that I am from Kakan Rabari, Grandhigram. We are the ones throwing pebbles." When I identified myself as a policeman, I told Cuckoo that many cops like you came and went.


Attempted murder by strangulation

"I tried to strangle Cuckoo later. I was attacked by other people who were with Cuckoo. I was beaten up by my wife who came running after me. She also slapped the hotel staff." Meanwhile, Kakan and three others threatened me and fled as the men below had gathered. Kakan said as he left, "We will let you go today, but I will kill you if I meet you a second time." Went to Rabari's house to serve notice. " (Input: Atul Vyas, Junagadh)

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