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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Mischief: Rajkot girl gang raped by five Ahmedabad men for drinking MD drugs and alcohol

Mischief: Rajkot girl gang raped by five Ahmedabad men for drinking MD drugs and alcohol

A young woman from Rajkot was lured to a job in Ahmedabad by five youths who took her to different places and gangraped her. MD was intoxicated with drugs and at the point of a pistol, the accused raped the girl in a moving car. Abu first took the girl to the Radisson Blu Hotel in Udaipur on the pretext of a corporate event.

 After getting alcohol in cold drinks and making the girl unconscious, the two accused gang raped her and later took videos and photos. The accused had gangraped the girl several times for two months after taking her to flats and hotels in South Bopal. Mahila West police have registered a case against five people and are conducting an investigation.

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Abu took it away saying it was a corporate event

Maldev Bharwad of Isanpur had sent a friend request on a Snapchat account to a young woman living in a society on 40-foot Main Road in Rajkot. The temptation was to get a corporate job and the two exchanged numbers. The Maldives then interviewed the girl with Pragnesh and Jitendrapuri at the Logardan Radiance Blue cafe. 

The two took the girl to Abu saying that our friend has arranged a corporate event in Abu, you will be done there. Pragnesh then took me to the Radisson Blu Hotel saying that he would meet my friend in Udaipur. Where both the accused made the girl drink alcohol mixed with cold drink and made her unconscious.

Called to have set up a job in Ahmedabad

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Pragnesh and Jitendra then gang-raped the girl, whose photos and videos were made. When the girl woke up in the morning, she saw both the accused and herself naked.

 From where the girl landed at Ahmedabad airport and went straight to Goa. Pragnesh and Jitendragiri were later in touch over the phone. After that, the accused arranged a flat and a job for the girl to live in Tara. He called Ahmedabad and kept it in a flat in Gala Marvel in South Bopal.

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The accused was intoxicated and raped

On October 2, Maldev Bharwad and Pragnesh Patel are going to meet a corporate friend in Gandhidham for your job with biodata. Kahi took the girl to Gandhidham. Where Maldev and Pragnesh intoxicated the MD drugs in the hotel in the presence of the victim. The accused had threatened to go viral by showing photos and videos of the gangrape at a hotel in Udaipur.

 The duo then gangraped the victim twice in a hotel room. On his way back to Ahmedabad, Maldives showed MDP intoxicated pistol in a moving car and turned on the victim. The accused had stopped the vehicle at the petrol pump at the time when Pragnesh also started getting intoxicated with MD drugs. Just before Pragnesh got out of the car and reached the back seat, the girl got out of the car with her belongings and was going to the petrol pump.

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The victim, fed up with blackmailing, complained

After the incident, accused Pragnesh, Jitendrapuri, Maldev and Jaime gang-raped the victim. While the accused Neelam was forcing the victim to keep his passport and money with him. The victim, fed up with gangrape and blackmailing, begged the accused to release her.


 However, the accused kept it tied and used it as he wished. Pragnesh's wife once reached the Gala Marwala flat and was furious to see the victim. At that time, there was a scuffle between the five accused. Meanwhile, the victim left without taking her luggage and stayed at the hotel. The woman, who had applied to the police on the advice of a lawyer, had registered a case against the five accused.

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