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Thursday, November 5, 2020

'Nityaswarupadas Swami of Sardhar used 500 crore bitcoins for temple renovation and building'

 Sneaky allegation: 'Nityaswarupadas Swami of Sardhar used 500 crore bitcoins for temple renovation and building'

Patitapavan Swami of Sardhar temple has termed all the allegations as baseless

Haribhakta's application to Sarthana police did not reveal the facts and the police registered a complaint

Haribhakta of Surat has leveled serious allegations against Nityaswarupadas Swami of Sardhar temple who came to Rakesh Prasad Vadtal Swaminarayan Sanstha from Acharya Ajendra Prasad's party. Haribhakta Vaghjibhai Jogani has alleged that we Haribhaktas have donated crores of rupees to build a temple in Jagannathpuri. However, Swamiji has cheated us by not building a temple. 

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At the same time, instead of building a temple, Swamiji has spent all his money on bitcoin and building. Swamiji threatens with his associates if we are not returning our rupee temple now. However, all these allegations are being dismissed as baseless by the saints of Sardhar temple. On the other hand, Sarthana police has said that No factual complaint has been registered in his investigation.

We worked hard for Swamiji

Vaghjibhai said, "We always believed in Swamiji very much." We did more than he said. He said that a temple is to be built in Jagannathpuri. So we worked hard. Crores of rupees were collected from Haribhaktas and given to them. But he has cheated us by misusing this money instead of building a temple and spending it on building bitcoins and buildings.

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There are threats to return the rupee

Haribhaktas are threatened if they ask for money. I have also received two or three phone calls from Mumbai and other places. I have been asked for Rs 5 crore again. This is happening to us. So we demand that the donations we make be returned to those who have access. They should be given back the rupee.

More than Rs 500 crore scam

Haribhakta Vaghjibhai alleged that Swamiji had embezzled about Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 crore. Swaminarayan Sampradaya also forbids Swami to look at money and woman. So that the act which he has committed is tantamount to disgrace. Because they are thugs and big men, we can be attacked at any time. An application has been made to the police but the crime has not been registered yet.

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The allegations are baseless

Patitapavan Swami of Sardhar temple said that these allegations are baseless. There is no such thing. The service and temple work is going on in the organization. Threatening seems to be the order of the day in the work of religion. No mess. Someone may have an intention to discredit the organization.

Which at the time was investigated-police

PIDA of Sarthana police station The application came seven months ago, Patel said. Which was investigated at the time. It was found that Swamiji had no role in this matter.


Not built temple, annoyed asking for money

Vaghji Jogani said that Nityaswaroop Swami had collected donations for the construction of a temple here in Jagannathpuri but did not build a temple there as it was not possible to build a temple there. So I get annoyed when I ask for money back. Also, I have been asked for Rs 5 crore from above. He further said that I have also been harassed in the name of PI from Thane.

There is an old application, there is nothing like a crime

Is an old application. It contains the issue of their donations. There is no crime in that. - GA Patel, Inspector of Police, Sarthana Police Station

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