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Thursday, November 26, 2020

The corpse of a pregnant girlfriend living in a live-in was put in a car parked in the parking lot for 4 hours by an elevator, buried in my father-in-law's farm in the city.

Reconstruction of Bardoli Rashmi murder case: The body of a pregnant girlfriend living in a live-in was put in a car parked for 4 hours in an elevator, buried in my father-in-law's farm in the city.

Rakhi's lover was killed by the police and reconstruction was done by the police

After the murder, he was buried in a field and had a bath at home

The accused has been remanded for two days in connection with the murder of his girlfriend Rashmi Kataria, who was staying in a live-in apartment in Bardoli's Baben village. Police then carried out a reconstruction of the murder. In which the police carried out the reconstruction from the murder to keeping the accused lover with him till he came home after burying him. 

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Vahesi took his girlfriend's body off the elevator and put it in the car for 4 hours after the murder at 3 am. He was then buried in his father-in-law's farm after killing anta in the first town.

The entire event underwent a 10-hour reconstruction from 4 a.m. to 2 p.m.

On the 14th, Malask strangled and killed him after 3 p.m.

Malaske brought Rashmi's body down from the elevator at 4 pm and hid it in the trunk of a car in the parking lot.

Then came back to the flat.

Around 8 o'clock, the body was taken out of the house in a car with a corpse.

He then went to his uncle's farm in his village Navi Kikwad village to dispose of the corpse. There he met his uncle and went to his mother's farm.

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After staying there for a while, Bhatlav-Wankaner went to his father-in-law's farm at Valod.

Seeing the pit made for the pipeline surveying the farm, decided to dispose of the corpse.

Leaving his father-in-law's farm, Valod went to the market, where he bought salt from one shop and tarpaulin from another.

Valod came back from the market to his father-in-law's farm, where he wrapped Rashmi's body in a tarpaulin wrapped in salt and placed it in a pit and tried to cover it with mud.

He came to Kikwad village as there was a great need for mud purana as the pit was big. He parked his car, took a tractor and did mud purana again on the farm. He sat on the edge of the field for an hour.

The chronology was reconstructed until he took such a bath at his home at 2 p.m.

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What was the incident?

Chirag Patel, a resident of a luxury apartment in Baben village, strangled Rashmi Kataria, who had been living with him in a live-in for the last four years, on November 14. Chirag Patel put the body in the car and went to Valod. The corpse was packed in a tarpaulin from where it was bought and buried in the fallow land of Valod. Police recovered Rashmi's body from the farm. 

After the completion of Surat PM for forensic PM, the funeral proposal was made. On the other hand, the investigation in the murder case was handed over to the SC / ST cell. Police recorded statements from people, including JCB's driver, who were digging soil in the field.

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A 2-day remand was granted against the police's demand for a 5-day remand

Police produced Chirag Patel in Bardoli court on Thursday. The police had sought a five-day remand, in which case public prosecutor Jitendra Pardiwala, while presenting arguments before the judge, kept it in mind. L. Mr. Chaudhary remanded for 2 days i.e. Ta. Approved up to 3.00 hrs on 27th November 2020.

A tractor used to bury the body was seized

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Chirag Patel strangled his girlfriend Rashmi Kataria to death and the 10-hour chronology of events leading to the disposal of the body was taken by the police. Chirag Patel, accused in the murder, including Gilatar, was kept with him. Police used a tractor to bury Rashmi's body in the pit, which was seized by the commission. Girlfriend Rashmi Kataria has been involved in a quarrel over a 3-month-old fetus, which has led to her murder.


Car wash on the second day of the murder

Chirag Patel killed his girlfriend Rashmi on Saturday, kept the body in the trunk of a car till noon and buried it in a pit in Valod's farm for disposal. The car was then washed at the Baben Village Service Center on Sunday.

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