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Friday, November 6, 2020

Delete number restore about mobile technology

 Deletion of hundreds of contact numbers saved in a smartphone sometimes causes trouble when needed.  Which can be deleted for a number of reasons.  In cases like lost, stolen or damaged phone, it may take longer to save the number of friends and family members.  If you have also deleted the required number from the phone, you can restore it with the help of Google.  Also, if you haven't backed up your contacts to Google Drive, you should do so immediately.

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 You can save the saved contacts on Google smartphone or SIM card or save it on Google.  After this, if you lose your phone and get a new one, you can easily restore your contacts.  Old contacts can be restored from any one Android device.  There is no need to worry if the necessary contacts are deleted.  You need to follow these steps to store and restore contacts on Google.

 Export Contacts

 - Go to the Contacts app on your Android smartphone or tablet.

 - Tap on the menu shown on the right here and go to settings.

 - After which you have been given the option to export.

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 - You can choose from which account you want to back up contacts.

 - Then tap on Export to .VCF file and the contacts will be backed up.

 Turn on automatic backup

 When you're setting up a Google Account on a new smartphone, Google asks you if you want to back up the phone's data to Google Drive, so you have to keep the toggle on here.  Alternatively, you can change it from your phone's settings,

 - Open your Android phone's settings.

 - After this, go to System and tap on Backup.

 - Turn on the toggle that appears in front of Back up to Google Drive here.

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 Restore contacts this way from backup

 - Go to your phone's settings first.

 - Then tap on Google.

 - Here you will see the option of Restore Contacts within Services.

 - If you have logged in from multiple accounts, the device will ask you which accounts to restore contacts from.

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 - After this, tap on the name of the old phone whose contacts you want to copy.

 - From here you will get the option of SIM Card and Device storage.

 Now tap on Restore and after a while you will get “Contacts restored’.

 - The good thing is that the previously saved contacts in the phone will not be restored, thus duplicate contacts will not be created.

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