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Monday, November 23, 2020

Suicide: Lover's life shortened by poisonous drug near crocodile's edge

Mass Suicide: Near the crocodile edge of Gadhda, a lover took a poisonous drug, shortened his life, decided not to live together and decided to die together.

The young man belongs to the late area of ​​Gadhi's Samathi and the young woman belongs to the bank area of ​​Vokli

Premipankhida near Magariadhar on the opposite bank of Gadha had shortened the life of the poisonous drug P. Crowds of people rushed to the spot and informed the police. Police have shifted the bodies of the two to the hospital for PM and are conducting further investigations. Preliminary investigations have revealed that the young man and the young woman decided to die together if they had a love affair and could not live together.

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Police shifted the bodies of the two to the hospital for PM to conduct further investigation

In the Magariadhar area of ​​Gadda, young men and women have shortened their lives by taking poisonous drugs together. The deceased has not been identified. A police convoy rushed to the spot and took necessary action and shifted the bodies of the two to the hospital for postmortem. It is learned that the two have decided to die together as they are in love and cannot live together.

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The father had shortened his life with his son and daughter in Vartej 1 month ago

A month ago, Lalabhai Nagjibhai Chohan (age 30), who was living and working at Navagam under Vartej police station in Bhavnagar, had been having a domestic dispute with his wife for some time. When their financial situation was a bit weak, there were frequent quarrels between husband and wife. 


After the last quarrel, his wife Risai left her pier and after explaining, Lalabhai did not return. Unable to go out of business and his wife was angry, which made him tired. The first two children were tied to an iron pipe in the roof of the house and strangled, after which they too died after being trapped.

(Bharat Vyas, Bhavnagar)

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