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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Suicide: Son to Std. 8 quarrels over reprimand after reprimand over exam issue: Mother commits suicide

Suicide: Son to Std. 8 quarrels over reprimand after reprimand over exam issue: Mother commits suicide

Wife dies without happiness, three wives in the city trap and shorten life

In more suicide incidents in the city, three wives have choked to death. After reprimanding her son on the issue of examination, the wife, who felt that she was having an affair with her husband, did not have children during her marriage, and the pregnant wife committed suicide for an incomprehensible reason. In the first incident, The hook was tied to the hook and the throat was eaten. University Road police rushed to the spot on learning of the incident

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In the interrogation of the deceased's husband Hiteshbhai, they have a 14-year-old son. He is studying in Std. In the current situation, if the course is run online, the examination was also started online. Wife Nila scolds son for not paying attention to study The wife, who was also present at the time of the reprimand, was upset that the son should not be annoyed in such a way. His wife Nila has said that she took the step as she felt sad. The police have taken necessary action.

In another incident, Tara Hiteshbhai Joshi, a resident of Hudco Quarters near Marketing Yard, RTO, was strangled to death with a dupatta. Taraben's marriage took place ten years ago, according to B Division police station head constable VK Solanki. 

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The children did not find happiness during the marriage. Many medicines were taken for this. However, no results were forthcoming and he was found to be fed up with other ailments. While in Raiyadhar, a slum quarter, a woman named Bhanu Rajubhai Boliya committed suicide by tying a rope to a fan and strangling herself.


 Upon learning of the incident, the staff of University Road Police including PSI HJ Barwadia rushed to the spot. Police investigations have revealed that Bhanuben was married two years ago and is currently pregnant. Police are conducting an investigation.

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