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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

What a shame! 30-year-old man commits rape with 60-year-old woman, stabs Ijjat

 Deesa: Shameful incident! 30-year-old man commits rape with 60-year-old woman, stabs Ijjat

60-year-old man stabbed to death with a knife, police report, first failed, robbed in the dark of night

Anand Jaiswal, Banaskantha: While the society is getting embarrassed due to the declining number of rapes in the state, a very embarrassing incident has come up in Banaskantha district. The police have also been shocked by the allegations of atrocities that have shaken the tensions of humanity and society here.

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 A 30-year-old man has stabbed a 60-year-old woman in a village in Banaskantha Deesa taluka. Not only that, the whole family is in mourning as the youth threatened to kill him and robbed the woman. In the end, the woman dared to tell the fact to her sons and the case came to the police station. 

A 30-year-old man has raped a 60-year-old woman, according to a complaint lodged at the Deesa Rural Police Station. According to the details of the incident, the woman and her husband went to the farm. The woman's husband can't see at night because he can't see. Meanwhile, a young man from Dhakhubhanam came to the woman saying that your door was left open and when the woman had filled the bath, the old man was leaving with a boom.

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The woman, meanwhile, decided to report the incident to her sons in the morning as it was night. Meanwhile in the darkness of the night the young man came back and showed the woman the knife and took her into the room. In the room, he stabbed the old woman and threatened to kill her if she told anyone. After the incident, the woman was shouted at by the neighbors and then the woman called and informed her son.

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The police were also shocked to hear the old woman's complaint. However, a misdemeanor complaint has been registered against the 30-year-old man at the Deesa village police station on the basis of a woman's complaint. According to the police report, the operation to speed up the youth has been started.


However, in a small village, a young man of the same age as a man of the same age has a relationship and the society is ashamed of committing such a heinous act. Police have also launched an in-depth probe into the sensitive case after the family demanded strict punishment for the accused.

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