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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Acid attack: Uncle's son attacks family in Madhavpura, faces of four people including two girls, one child

Acid attack: Uncle's son attacks family in Madhavpura, faces of four people including two girls, one child

Rs. The two brothers were threatening and quarreling to vacate the house even though they bought the house for Rs 3 lakh

An acid attack took place on a small child and a woman in the Mehendikuwa area of ​​Madhavpura in connection with the evacuation of a house. Acid was thrown out of the window early in the morning after family members quarreled over evacuating the house. 

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Both the five- and eight-year-old girls had acid on their faces and burns on their faces and eyes. Another child and his mother were also burnt in the acid attack and all have been admitted to a civil hospital for treatment. Both the girls' faces are now damaged due to acid attack.

They were arguing over evacuation

Lakshmiben Dantani lives with her two sons and three daughters in Kanchanbeni Chali in Mehndikuwa area. Lakshmiben bought the house six years ago from his uncle-in-law Mohanbhai Dantani for Rs. Bought for three lakhs. Despite buying the house, his sons Ajay and Vijay were quarreling over vacating the house. Meanwhile, Lakshmiben's sister Banavi came from Mumbai.

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 Ajay Dantani came early in the morning at 5 am when everyone was sleeping in the house. The window of the house was open and he shouted, "Why don't you vacate the house, how do you live?" Saying this, he raised the can of acid in his hand and threw acid inside.

In the family quarrel, both the girls lost their faces

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Acid flew on Lakshmiben, his five- and eight-year-old daughter as well as his 10-year-old son. They were burnt with acid flying on everyone's face. The two little girls had more acid on their faces and their faces got worse. 


Both the girls lost their faces in the family quarrel. All have been admitted to Civil Hospital for treatment. Madhavpura police have registered a case including attempted murder in the case. However, police have not arrested any accused so far.

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