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Monday, December 14, 2020

Crime: In Rajkot, a millionaire thief stole from 12 places in 4 months, wore white clothes, later went to the temple and offered sacrifices, father and son arrested

Crime: In Rajkot, a millionaire thief stole from 12 places in 4 months, wore white clothes, later went to the temple and offered sacrifices, father and son arrested

Anand Sitapara, notorious as a millionaire thief, has laundered millions of rupees in 12 places in Rajkot city in the last four months. Police rushed Anand and his son and seized Rs 15 lakh. If Sagarit is already in jail, the police have started proposing to take him into custody. Anand stole millions at 12 locations in 4 months. He used to wear white clothes while stealing and after sacrificing he used to offer sacrifices in the temple.

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With the number of thefts rising alarmingly in four months, police launched investigations in various directions

In November, smugglers broke into a house in Milpara, Rajkot and stole Rs 2.50 lakh. During the same period, Rs 13 lakh in cash and lakhs of rupees, including gold jewelery, were stolen from a closed house in Ramakrishnanagar. The number of thefts has risen alarmingly in the last four months and police have launched investigations in various directions.

 While checking the CCTV cameras at the spot where millions of rupees were stolen, the police had a strong suspicion that the person who was seen was involved in the theft and the person who appeared was Anand Jessing Sitapara, a well-known smuggler living in Surat. So when the police arrested Anand and his father, he confessed to stealing.

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Police seized Rs 15,01,000

Meanwhile, a team comprising Crime Branch PI VK Gadhvi and PSI Dhakda rushed to the spot after receiving information that Anand alias Jayanti Jessing Sitapara and his son Hasmukh Sitapara were near the Dargah of Chitharia Peer. Police picked up Anand and his son Hasmukh and interrogated them. Anand confessed to 12 thefts in the last four months in Rajkot city, including in Ramakrishnanagar, Milpara and Indraprasthanagar. Police seized gold and silver jewelery worth Rs 10.50 lakh, cash worth Rs 3.19 lakh, two bikes worth Rs 1.25 lakh and a watch worth Rs 7,000 from the accused father and son, totaling Rs 15,01,000.

Anand Sitapara lived on Kotharia Road in Rajkot before 2007

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Anand confessed that Piyush Vinu Amrelia, who lived in Kotharia, was also involved with him in all the places where he stole. Anand Sitapara lived on Kotharia Road in Rajkot before 2007 and had a three-storey house with central air conditioning. Anand Sitapara, who lives a luxurious life, had been stealing for years and had earlier been implicated in 32 theft offenses. Anand believed before he went to steal. And after the big Dallo came, he used to go to the temple in Jamjodhpur and offer sacrifices.

Anand would enter the house alone, picking up and dropping off Piyush

Millionaire thief Anand Sitapara had been stealing for years, reikiing bungalows in different areas during the day, targeting them when a closed bungalow appeared. When he went to steal at night, he did not keep the number plate in the bike and wore a helmet so as not to be identified sitting on the back of Piyush's bike. After reaching a certain house, Anand would enter the bungalow alone, send Piyush away from there, and when Dallo got his hands on him, he would call Piyush and leave. '

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Wearing white clothes while stealing

Anand Sitapara, who has a luxurious lifestyle, used to wear white clothes when he went to steal, while someone was doing Reiki near a house and if someone tapped him, he would go to the work of death. Seeing his attire, the person in front of him felt sympathy and entered the house as soon as he got the chance.

Buying groceries after stealing

Anand Jessing Sitapara was successful in big thefts so he used to buy new items including TVs and freezers for home use and also change clothes, curtains, pillows and setties. Home groceries were mostly bought.

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I would have made jewelry with bills

The fun was very chubby. He took a unique approach to sabotaging stolen jewelry. Sony would give the gold jewelry to the merchant and in return he would make jewelry with new bills, and when he went to sell the jewelry to another Sony, he would present the bill so that no one would suspect.

19 lakh car was booked in Surat, 2 lakh was paid 


Anand Sitapara was on his way to Surat after stealing lakhs of rupees in four months in Rajkot city. He went to Hector's showroom and booked a MG Hector car worth Rs 19 lakh for his son and also paid Rs 2 lakh for the booking. Police seized Rs 2 lakh from the showroom manager.

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