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Thursday, December 3, 2020

Family alleges: Old man commits suicide by tying clothes with fan in Rajkot

 Family alleges: Old man commits suicide by tying clothes with fan in Rajkot

The old man left the house in the morning asking to go to the shop

Mukeshbhai Gopalbhai Rathore (age 57), who lives in Shivnagar-12 on Kuvadwa Road in Rajkot and owns a tailor's shop in Navagam, had his life cut short by tying a cloth to a fan in his own shop. The family members alleged that the move was taken as the business was not going well after the lockdown. Upon learning of the incident, the police rushed to the spot and shifted Mukeshbhai's body to the hospital for PM.

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As soon as the son opened the shutters of the shop, he saw his father's hanging body

The family members said that they have taken steps to prevent the business from going down after the lockdown. In the morning they left the house asking to go to the shop. Meanwhile, when a customer came to the shop, the shutters were closed and the shopkeeper next to him connected the phone. The phone was received by Mukeshbhai's son who was at home. Kuwadwa police have taken necessary action.

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Armyman's wife commits suicide in Sehore

Krishnaba alias Durgaba, wife of Devendrasinh Gohil, a resident of Jalia village in Sihor and serving in the Indian Army in Bangalore, was strangled to death in her home today. 


In the incident, Armyman Devendrasinh came here on a 1-month leave and returned to Bangalore on duty just 15 days ago. The two have been married for about two and a half years now. The reason behind the suicide has not been revealed yet. Sihor police are conducting further investigation into the incident.

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