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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Father's cruelty: Killed 3 year old son while urinating in bed, then puts body in bag and runs away

Father's cruelty: Killed 3 year old son while urinating in bed, then puts body in bag and runs away

The child's mother reported the incident to her brother, after which police arrested the accused father

A shocking incident has taken place in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here a cruel father badly beat his three-year-old son and then killed him by knocking him to the ground. The baby's only complaint was that he urinated on his father's bed. After the incident, the accused threatened his wife and two daughters present in the house that he would kill the entire family if the matter went out of the house.

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Seeing her son die right in front of her eyes, she did not stay with her mother. He informed the police through his brother, but the accused along with his family fled to Hamirpur before the police reached the spot. Hamirpur police arrested the accused on Wednesday night and handed him over to Kanpur police after the incident was reported.

The family is a resident of Hamirpur

Santram Prajapati, who lives in Chhani Khurd in Hamirpur district, works as a laborer. The family consisted of wife Anita, two daughters Anjana and Khushi and only son Ravindra (3 years). Santram had come to Ghatampur a few days back to work in a brick kiln near Hatherua village. He lived with the family in a raw house on the kiln.

Killed everyone in the house, killed the son

Anita said that on Tuesday morning, her son Ravindra urinated in her father's bed, which caused Santram to lose sleep. He became so angry that he started beating his son badly. The sound of crying also disturbed the sleep of the sleeping daughters and she started begging her father to save her brother. Santaram also beat the daughters to death. Anita also tried to save her son but was also beaten by cattle. Santaram's son was knocked to the ground and beaten until he died.

The accused went to the village with the body in a bag

After the death, Santram put the whole family in a loader and took the corpse in a bag and walked to the village Chhani Khurd. He threatened to kill the family if word of his son's murder spread outside the home. 

Seeing the opportunity, wife Anita told her brother Ajay on the phone on Wednesday evening. Bhai Ajay then reached the village along with other family members, caught the accused Santram and beat him up and reported the incident to Hamirpur police. Hamirpur police took the body into custody and arrested Santram and handed him over to Ghatampur police. Santaram has been jailed on murder charges.


SP Grameen Brijesh Kumar Srivastava said that Hamirpur police had informed the Ghatampur police about the incident, on which a team went to Hamirpur and arrested Santram and seized the body of the child. Santram has confessed his crime. 

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