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Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Honor killing: New revelation in the murder of a young man in Kerala village of Jetpur

Honor killing: New revelation in the murder of a young man in Kerala village of Jetpur

On November 27, the young man's body was found in a well, police said

Police investigating the call detail and location of the deceased's phone led to the murder

The body of Nilesh Vasava, a laborer, was found in a well 20 days ago at the border of Jetpur taluka and Kerali village near Virpur. According to the police book, Mama Vinubhai Vasava had killed the deceased in a love affair with a family mami after he was drinking Chikkar liquor and thrown into a well. In the police investigation, Mama Vinubhai came to know that Nilesh was having an affair with Mami Kavitaben. So Mama Vinubhai made Nilesh drink Chikkar alcohol and pushed him on the shift of the well and killed me.

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The deceased Nilesh Vasava had been working as a farm laborer in a Kerala village for four years

Nilesh Vasava, a native of Walia taluka in Bharuch district, has been living with his family for the last four years. His wife Kailashbe, who went missing from Wadi on the evening of November 27, was reported missing by the Virpur police. after that

The body of the missing Nilesh was found in the well of Ranchodbhai Ramolia's farm, 20 km from Kerala village.

Police were suspicious based on the call detail and location

Virpur police had registered a case of accidental death at that time and conducted an investigation. Police investigating the accidental death found the incident suspicious in call detail and location. In the phone call details of the deceased Nilesh, it came to the notice of the police that he had an affair with a woman. The police were also shocked to learn that the incident was a murder after an investigation into the incident.

Accused Vinu Vasava was detained by the police, will be arrested after a test of corona

According to the details of the murder, the deceased Nilesh had an affair with the wife of his family mama Vinubhai Vasava (resides in Gundia, Walia). When Vinubhai came to know about this, he called Nilesh to Ranchodbhai Ramolia's farm and after drinking Chikkar liquor,


 he was pushed into a well and died. The deceased Nilesh was found to have a three-month-old son and two daughters while the accused Vinu was found to have two sons. Police will arrest Vinu Vasava after conducting a corona test on him.

(Deepak Morbia, Virpur)

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