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Friday, December 11, 2020

Mehsana: Murder of Jaif Dr. Patel's wife in Kadi, robbery of Rs 5 lakh from the house

Mehsana: Murder of Jaif Dr. Patel's wife in Kadi, robbery of Rs 5 lakh from the house

In the Chakchari incident, the district police chief went to the Patel family's house and investigated the crime scene.

Ketan Patel, Mehsana: A Kadi Loot with Murder incident has taken place in Mahesana. In which on a white day when the doctor goes to his clinic. At that time, taking advantage of the loneliness in his old wife's house, a stranger killed her, robbed her of Rs 5 lakh and fled. The incident, which took place on a white day, has also made the Mehsana police run.

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The incident of robbery with murder on a white day in Mehsana has made the Mehsana police run. This is because the place where this incident took place is in the posh area of ​​the building link where the road touches the area where people live.

Looking at the whole incident, Jayantibhai Patel and his wife Champaben, who are practicing medicine in Kadi, live in Sardar Patel Society in Kadi. His three sons live in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

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Jayantibhai went to his dispensary as per routine on December 10 and returned at one o'clock in the afternoon and also returned to the dispensary at four o'clock. Then at 8 o'clock on the way back home, the main door was opened and the bedroom door was open and he was stunned to see his wife lying down.

His wife died while investigating. Blood was also reported from his nose and mouth. After informing the family members, the gathered members checked the vault with another key, out of which Rs 3 lakh cash, 6 tola gold bugs and the vault key were also missing.

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A complaint was lodged at the Kadi police station alleging that Champaben was killed with intent to rob. Thus, in broad daylight, a stranger broke into the doctor's house and attacked the doctor's 73-year-old wife.

These strangers attacked and snatched the key of the safe and looted Rs 3 lakh and gold bracelets. And no one even smells.


The area where this doctor's house is located is in the middle of the link. And the doctor when going to the hospital between 4pm and 8pm. The fact that this incident took place in the meantime is also a matter of suspicion that someone may have done this event even after doing Reiki. Now it remains to be seen whether the police can solve this incident like cutting off the nose of the police! And it remains to be seen how long the killer will be caught.

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