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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Murder: Murder of a young man on a white day in Bhagyodaya Industry in Pune, Surat,

Murder: Murder of a young man in Bhagyodaya Industry in Pune, Surat on a white day, 36 wounds from an iron pipe killed me and people kept watching

  • White day murder captured on CCTV
  • Police rushed the accused

A young man named Ramkumar has been killed in broad daylight in Bhagyodaya Industry in Pune area of ​​Surat. A young man fell on Ramkumar with an iron pipe. The whole incident has been captured on CCTV. As seen on CCTV, the young man was stabbed to death with 36 blows of an iron pipe and people kept watching. 

While the accused has been found to have been speeding by the police. It may be mentioned here that in the last two and a half months, there have been seven murders in Surat city.

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He ran for his life but died

Bhagyodaya Industry in Pune area had a young man named Ramkumar working from a looms and embroidery factory. Today was working with another worker. Meanwhile the attacker was rubbed with an iron pipe. So Ramkumar ran to save his life. The accused then attacks Ramkumar with an iron pipe at the side of the road. After Ramkumar fell to the ground, the accused started hitting the iron pipe. 

The young man has been caught on CCTV hitting a pipe as Ramkumar moves. Upon learning of the incident, the police reached the spot and arrested the accused youth Dharmendra.

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The whole incident was captured on CCTV

The murder of the youth has been captured on CCTV. In which the accused takes an iron pipe on the young man and breaks it. Then there are a lot of people around. However, the accused kept hitting the young man with a pipe but no one intervened to save him. While the people present escaped, they were caught on CCTV.

The accused was caught due to PCR vigilance

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Bhavna Patel (DCP Zone 2) said that two workers were working in Account No. 460 on the first floor in Bhagyodaya Industry. One of the workers, Ramkumar, has been killed. We have arrested the accused recently. The accused has been arrested due to PCR vigilance. The accused's name is Dharmendra. Further investigation and interrogation of the accused is underway

Seven murders in Surat city in last two and a half months


There are frequent killings in Surat city. In the middle-class, out-of-state and labor-intensive areas, the limit has been reached. Seven homicides have come to light in the last two and a half months. The murdered body of a young man was found just the previous day. Now, in the Pune area, the police are running away from the murder incident on a white day. However, the police have speeded up the accused. It may be mentioned here that in January 2020, from January to September, there were about 80 murders in Surat city.

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