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Friday, December 11, 2020

Murder: A young man who got married through a broker was strangled to death by his wife.

Murder: A young man who got married through a middleman was strangled to death by his wife, his body was packed in a bag and he slept with her one night, a week later the accused husband was arrested from Rajasthan.

He strangled his wife to death while she was asleep in the morning

Pune police have nabbed the accused husband, who killed his wife a week ago in the Muktidham Society area of ​​Pune and fled hiding the body in a room, from Rajasthan. 

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It may be mentioned here that a young man who got married through a broker was strangled to death by his wife, who packed the corpse in a sack and slept with her for one night. He then fled to his native Rajasthan.

He got married by giving Rs 3 lakh to the brokers

According to sources, Likharam alias Laxman Kesharam Chaudhary, a native of Nimbali village in Pali district of Rajasthan, was currently living in a terraced room of house number 650 in Muktidham Society near Archana School in Surat. He had married a girl named Kaushalya through brokers a few months back.

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 Brokers paid three lakh rupees for that. But Kaushalya did not treat Likharam well after marriage. There were occasional fights.

The wife killed her wife, which seemed like an insult to her

Kaushalya had beaten Likharam on the night of December 2-3. So Likharam felt like an insult. This was on his mind. He did not sleep all night. In the morning, Likharam strangled Kaushalya with a rope while Kaushalya was walking. The corpse was then packed in a sack. 


On the night of the third date, he fell asleep with the bag aside. On the morning of the 4th, he left the bag with the corpse and fled the room. Pune police have registered a case and expelled the accused husband from Rajasthan a week later.

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