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Sunday, December 13, 2020

OMG / Tonight I will see this wonderful sight in the sky, I will be very sorry if I missed seeing it.

 OMG / Tonight I will see this wonderful sight in the sky, I will be very sorry if I missed seeing it.

The sky will be lit up by meteor showers across the country on Sunday night and early Monday morning. Devi Prasad Duari, director of MP Birla Planetarium, said in a statement on Saturday that the meteor shower, known as 'Jaminids', would reach its climax on the night of December 13. This will be the biggest meteor shower of the year.

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He said that Gemini meteor showers can be seen from every part of India if the sky conditions are favorable. Meteorites are bright stripes of bright light that can often be seen in the night sky. They are also called ‘Shooting Stars’.

A small rocky substance enters the Earth's atmosphere

He said that in fact, when a rocky substance as small as a dust particle enters the Earth's atmosphere very quickly, due to friction, beautiful stripes of light form.

Meteor showers occur every year

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During certain periods of the year, there are not one, but many meteor bodies, coming from a specific direction in the sky, called meteor showers. These meteorites often occur when the Earth passes through debris while various meteor stars continue to pass close to the Sun.

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Meteor showers occur in December every year

This is one of the most spectacular meteor pinch showers of the Geminoid Meteor Pinch Showers. Each fountain appears around the second week of December each year. Duari said this year it has been forecast that due to the clear skies, 150 meteor showers can be seen per hour.

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