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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Proceedings: Rs 200 counterfeit notes were printed in Rajkot, two persons in police custody

Proceedings: Rs 200 counterfeit notes were printed in Rajkot, two persons in police custody

Police seize the remains of 100 burnt counterfeit notes as eviden ce

The police had reached Rajkot after investigating a case of laundering 100 counterfeit notes at the rate of Rs 200 at an HDFC Bank branch in Mehsana. Two persons from Rajkot were circulating counterfeit notes in the market, both were nabbed by the police. The mastermind tried to destroy the evidence by burning 100 counterfeit notes in his home, although police also seized the evidence.

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At the HDFC Bank branch at Prabhu Complex in Mehsana, two customers of the bank had deposited money in their firm's account on the last 30th in which 100 notes at the rate of Rs 200 were found to be counterfeit. The bank's branch manager Hemant Pandya had lodged a complaint at the Mehsana police station.

 Staff including PI Sodha registered the crime and speeded up the investigation. Calling Narendra Chaudhary and Keshavlal Patel who had gone to deposit money in the bank, he opened the note sent by Babu Patel of Bahucharaji. The police took Babu Patel into custody and interrogated him. The investigation was extended till Rajkot.

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A team including PI Sodha rushed to Rajkot on Wednesday, and picked up Deepak Suresh Karia from Sagar Suresh Khilosia and Raiya Chokdi from Bhaktinagar Circle area. During the investigation in Mehsana, Magan Seth, a resident of Sasiya village in Amreli, was picked up after revealing his name, and the fake note was confessed to be given to him by Deepak Karia of Rajkot, the police official said. 

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Magan and Sagar used to go to Deepak Kariya's house with things including printers and computers and Rs 200 counterfeit notes were printed in Deepak Kariya's house. Deepak Kariya had tried to burn 100 counterfeit notes at the rate of Rs 200 in his house after it was learned that counterfeit notes had been seized and a crime had been registered in Mehsana. The police also seized the remains of the burnt notes as evidence.


It is suspected that Deepak Kariya and Sagar Khilosia of Rajkot also left Rs 200 counterfeit notes in the market in Rajkot. An in-depth investigation by the police is revealing that many explosive details are coming out.

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