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Sunday, December 13, 2020

Revival: A 5-year-old girl swallowed a battery bulb with wire and got trapped in the trachea

Navjivan: 5-year-old girl trapped in trachea after swallowing a battery bulb with wire, free surgery at Surat Civil Hospital

The baby was resuscitated by doctors at the Civil Hospital

A five-year-old girl from a farming family in Bedkuwa village of Vyara swallowed a battery bulb with a wire while playing and got trapped in the trachea. The girl, who was shifted to Surat Civil Hospital, underwent surgery without taking any stitches.

The girl was rushed to hospital with sudden onset of persistent cough

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Prezi, daughter of Surendrabhai Gamit, a resident of Bedkuva village in Vyara, was playing near her house a week ago when she suddenly started coughing. Concerned parents rushed Prezi to Vyar Referral Hospital for treatment after she suddenly started coughing.

 Where doctors took an X-ray of Prezi's chest and examined him. In which something hard appeared in Prezi's chest. Prezi was then referred to Surat Civil for further treatment.

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After an hour and a half of struggle, the battery bulb was pulled out with the wire

Prezi's pain, which reached Surat Civil, was captured by a digital X-ray. Which appeared to be a battery-like object with a wire. Prezi was then taken to the operating theater. The binoculars were inserted into the trachea through the mouth of the girl by the doctors of the ENT department.


 After a five-hour struggle, he pulled out a battery bulb with a wire without a single stitch. The cost of this surgery is 50 thousand to 1 lakh. However, free treatment at a civil hospital also brought financial relief to the family.

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