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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Suicide: 11th standard student in Surat commits suicide due to online study stress

Suicide: 11th standard student in Surat commits suicide due to online study stress

He committed suicide at home after going to his sister's house to learn examples

A standard 11 student living at Ananddhara Residency in Mota Varachha area has committed suicide. The family is in mourning after a student named Pragatiben Kamleshbhai Lunagariya committed suicide. Pragati's father said that he had committed suicide at home two days ago. 

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Pragati is suffering from mental stress as online education is not good. She has committed suicide, worried about what will happen to her. So Pragati's father said, talk to her when her children are very tense so that no one loses her children.

Paper was brought from school

Father Kamleshbhai said that Pragati used to come home with her mother carrying papers in Ashadeep school. Pragati was preparing for such an online exam at home. Unable to understand the parable, she went to a sister who lived in the neighborhood and was studying in college.

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 Where he explained the example, if the sister does not understand, he said come again.

Parents do not push


Progress can be said to have come under mental stress after coming home. He then took such a final step. We have lost a daughter but I want to give the same message to all parents that children should be kept stress free. Study should not be stressed, I should be careful not to lose any other child as it is my turn to lose my daughter through online study.

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