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Saturday, December 12, 2020

The big decision taken by the Modi government is to do this work, otherwise your ration card will be canceled

Talk about work / you don't even do this work, then your ration card will be canceled, big decision taken by Modi government

One Nation One Ration Card Scheme: As per the order of the Central Government, the State Government has issued new guidelines regarding ration cards. If you do not take ration for 3 months, your ration card may be canceled. Apart from this, action can also be taken to take rations for 3 consecutive months.

  • The Modi government took a big decision
  • If you do not take ration for 3 months, the ration card will be canceled
  • Proceedings may be taken for not taking rations

The central government is taking special care to provide rations to the needy. Many decisions have been made regarding ration cards in Corona. This time the central government has again taken a decision with a new guideline stating that if you do not take rations for 3 months, your ration card may be canceled. The order has been complied with in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. The process of cancellation of ration card will be started as soon as the notification is received from the district.

If you do not take ration for 3 months, action will be taken

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The Uttar Pradesh Food Supply Department has asked to prepare a list of people who have not taken rations for the last 3 months. The department believes that earlier tourists or workers could not take rations due to going out but now if there is one nation one ration card in the country, they can take rations from anywhere. If the beneficiary does not take the ration, it means that they are able to fill their own stomach. Other needy people get benefit by canceling their ration card.

Several special decisions were taken last month


Following the Supreme Court order, the state governments decided to create ration cards for sex workers. As per the directions of the central government, the state government has decided to issue ration cards to people suffering from serious diseases. Some state governments of the country are going to give free rations to the poor for cancer, leprosy and AIDS.

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