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Thursday, December 17, 2020

The mother-in-law went too far and said, "I am a goddess.

The mother-in-law went too far and said, "I am a goddess.

Parineeta sought the help of the police after forcing her husband and in-laws to sit next to the toilet and eat

The city's middle-class bride was constantly intimidated by her mother-in-law, saying she was naked. After giving birth to a daughter, Parineeta was so annoyed by her in-laws that she was forced to sit by the toilet and eat. Parineeta, disturbed by constant harassment, has finally knocked on the door of the women's police station. The police are currently investigating the whole matter.

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Superstition is often so prevalent that it makes it difficult for others to live with it. Deepa (name has been changed) who lives in the western part of the city got married according to the customs of her community. Deepa got married in a middle class family, after which her greedy and greedy in-laws started harassing her.

Deepa was also beaten by her in-laws

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When Deepa's husband went to work, her mother-in-law would take off all her clothes in front of Deepa and scare her by shouting loudly. When she told her husband about this, she told her mother that the wind of Goddess is coming. Instead of settling here, Deepa reached Marzood.

Deepa was seated next to the toilet and given food

After Deepa gave birth to a daughter, her mother-in-law and others started harassing her mentally. Deepa was given extra food for dinner and Deepa was forced to eat by sitting next to the toilet.

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Deepa lodged a complaint at the Mahila West police station


Deepa told her brother about this constant torture. Deepa has to live with her daughter there today as the in-laws and husband have not made any compromise. When Deepa told the police the whole fact, a case has been registered at the Mahila West police station based on Deepa's complaint.

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