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Saturday, December 12, 2020

Two arrested in Surat diamond office for drinking intoxicants

Arrest: Two arrested in rape case with young woman for drinking intoxicating liquor in diamond office in Surat, two including the perpetrator still out of police custody

Both the arrested accused destroyed the evidence including CCTV

A diamond trader with a diamond office at Varachha in Surat had raped the girl a month ago. Police have arrested an employee working in the diamond trader's office and another trader in the incident. While the perpetrator Vasant Patel and his driver are still out of police custody.

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Went to work with a friend and became a victim

Nilofar (name has been changed), 22, a native of Khambhaliya, Jamnagar, now lives in Surat. Nilofar's sister Priyanka (name has been changed) lives in Velanja village area. On November 1, Nilofar came to stay at Priyanka's house from Khambhaliya. On November 7, Priyanka told Nilofer that she was going to talk to diamond trader Vasant Patel (Rah. K Building, 13th Floor, River View Highrise, Big Varachha) for a job. Vasant came with his driver in his Mercedes car to pick up Priyanka and Nilofar. Both were taken to the office at Diamond World at Varachha Mini Bazaar.

A misdemeanor complaint was registered against the two

Vasant asked driver Jayesh to bring cold drinks. Nilofer and Priyanka both fainted after drinking cold drinks. She was lying on the sofa when Nilofer realized. Vasant and Priyanka were both arguing. Vasant then calmed Priyanka down and put her in his car till the big Varachha. Nilofer suspected that he had been raped. There were also stains on her clothes. So, after talking to the family, Vasant Patel and his driver Jayesh lodged a complaint of misconduct at the Varachha police station on November 29.

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Accused Vasant and driver Jayesh are still having breakfast


Varachha police have arrested Ankit Kamlesh Kumar Kathrotia (U.V.29) and diamond trader Yogesh Dhanshyam Sakaria, who were working in Vasant Patel's office, in the incident. Both destroyed the office's CCTV and DVR at the time of the incident. While the main accused Vasant and driver Jayesh are still having breakfast.

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