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Friday, January 1, 2021

Gujarat Government announced Kisan Parivahan Yojna - 2020

Gujarat Government announced Kisan Parivahan Yojna - 2020

Farmers of the state usually have tractors and less manpower for transportation of agricultural produce. 

In those circumstances, the tenants deliver the agricultural produce to other markets by other goods carriage vehicles. Farmers often face difficulties when the means of transportation are not available.  Thus, for the purpose of facilitating the transportation of agricultural produce, Rs.  The proposal made for the administrative sanction of Rs. 2000.00 lakh from the letter on Kum-1 read by the Director of Agriculture was under consideration of the Government.  At the end of the mature consideration, the Finance Department's resolution on the number. Read also: Cheak Your Name In BPL list

Sold in the year 2020-21 as a new item under the scheme of providing financial assistance on the purchase of 1 medium size goods carriage vehicle for the transport of agricultural products.

As per Gujarat Khamnirbhar package announced for acceleration, Rs.  It is decided to give administrative sanction to spend Rs. 50.00 crore (complete Rs. 50 crore in numbers).  Read also: Get SSC / HSC Duplicate Mark Sheet Online

Gujarat Government announced Kisan Parivahan Yojna - 2020

Matter of assistance: 

Medium size goods carriage vehicle (four wheeler and a vehicle with a carrying capacity of 500 kg to 1500 kg) appalled by the Department of Agriculture under the scheme for purchase of small / marginal / women / app.  Caste / App.  Assistance will be given to the public farmer as per 34% of the total cost or Rs. 5,000 / - whichever is less and general / other farmers as less than 3% of the total cost or, Rs. 20,000 / - as less than two. Read also: Jamin na Juna Record Online Medvo

Eligibility for availing the benefit of the scheme: 

1, this scheme should be implemented in all the districts of the state, 

2, in the current financial year (under this scheme) once in 5 (five) years, assistance can be given for one vehicle per account.  In case of joint account holder, the applicant will have to submit the consent form of other account holders.  Read also: Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana Ma Tamaru Name Che K Nahi Cheak Karo

Beneficiaries will have to abide by all the existing rules / conditions / laws applicable to the Department of Vehicle Transactions as well as existing amendments from time to time.  

Purchase of new vehicle of Bs (India Stage) standard as decided by the Department of Vehicle Transactions and as amended from time to time.  

Beneficiary beneficiary under the scheme will not be able to sell the vehicle for 2 (two) years from the date of receipt of the (a) benefit, and if he sells the full amount of assistance will have to be returned to the Government.  (B) shall be used for transport of agricultural products.  

No modification may be made to the vehicle for passenger transport and may not be used for passenger transport.  

The farmer has applied on i Khedut portal and will submit the application form in hard copy to the District Agriculture Officer, District Panchayat Office for approval.  Read also: Vahali Dikari Yojana 2020

Upon receipt of the application, the District Agriculture Officer (from the concerned Taluka Implementation Office / Sub-Divisional Office) will have to obtain a certificate stating that he has not received assistance from another scheme for the same purpose within the stipulated time limit.  (Certificate is not required in the first year 2020-21)  In case of empowerment by the Department of Agriculture, the beneficiary farmer has to purchase the vehicle only from the authorized seller of the manufacturer / manufacturer included in the appellant.  

Beneficiary has to give prior approval for purchase of vehicle for 90 days.  And purchased by the beneficiary within the said time limit to the District Agriculture Officer, District Panchayat ||  The supporting documents will have to be submitted along with the supporting evidence, in which case if the supporting documents have not been submitted by purchasing within this time limit, such application will have to be canceled.  Read also: Kuvar Bai Nu Mameru yojana  - 2020-21

Implementation Scheme of the Scheme (1) 

Method of Receiving Applications 

(A) Farmers can apply online on i Khedut Portal, get print out, sign / thumb print and submit the required supporting evidence shown in the application along with the prescribed time limit to the District Agriculture Officer, District Panchayat Office.  Must be uploaded online.  

(B) If in any case the applicant is not able to apply online in the prescribed form during the period when the i-khedut portal is open for application, then within the time limit for applying for this scheme / component, District Agriculture, District Panchayat Office or Agriculture  The required supporting evidence along with the application should be submitted at the nearest office of the account within the stipulated time limit and the receipt of such application should be given to the applicant by the office accepting the application.  Presented

The authorized employee / officer of the applicant office should apply online during the iKhedut portal is open and 3 (three) working days of the office whichever is less, (2) Methodology of determining the eligibility of applications  The subordinate authorized employee / officer has to delete the print of the applications uploaded by the farmer online / inward the applications received in the office as well as the concerned Taluka Implementation Officer / Sub-Divisional Officer for the same purpose component from this scheme and any other scheme of the Government.  Read also: pashu Kishan Cradit Card Yojna Ma Loan Medvo

Certificate of the matter must be obtained (in the first year 2020-21 of the scheme, no such certificate / specimen will be required), then the eligibility / disqualification of each application will have to be ascertained as per the provisions of mall applications and accordingly the status of applications under the scheme in Khedut portal.  

Important Links:

Kisan Parivahan Yojna Information

Kisan Parivahan Yojna Apply Online

(C) To inform the applicants about the procedure for approval of applications and pre-approved cases which may be required out of the total eligible applications of the district as per the method mentioned on i-Khedut portal. Electronic draw for this scheme by taluka wise.  The selected District Agriculture Officer will have to give prior approval.

The applicants will have to inform the concerned applicants about the pre-approved applications for the component under the scheme in writing at their address.  Full authority to appellate the Department of Agriculture for the appellate of the seller / vehicle model. 

Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Co-operation, Secretariat, Gujarat.  Letter No. 12/09/2018: Kaspan 10-2016-9 - The Empowered Committee appointed from Cup will have to take necessary action.  

(D) In case of purchase of vehicle and inspection of vehicle, the applicant farmers shall purchase the vehicle of their choice for the purpose of this scheme from the authorized dealer of the appanel manufacturer / vendor among the models of vehicles approved by the Department of Agriculture and provide necessary supporting evidence for purchase of such vehicle.  

Original sale bill of vehicle purchase, copy of vehicle insurance, RC book or vehicle registration form no. 4  Copy of 4, copy of vehicle tax payment receipt should be submitted to the District Agriculture Officer, District Panchayat for verification / confirmation on the 30th day of approval.  

As per the proposal received by the District Agriculture Officer, the beneficiary has called the prescribed office with the vehicle for physical verification / Status regarding setting up camp at village level / Taluka level / District level verification / Assurance action has been taken.  -khedut portal has to be updated within 10 days of operation, (2) the procedure for payment of assistance after purchase of the vehicle.  Action will have to be taken.  List of cases eligible for payment of assistance - Print from the Khedut portal

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