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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Smart trick! Do you also want to record WhatsApp calls? So here's how to do it easily

Smart trick! Do you also want to record WhatsApp calls? So here's how to do it easily

When you are talking to someone on a mobile phone, it often happens that you cannot note a required conversation or a number and you record that call, but you do not get this feature easily on WhatsApp call. . When you are talking on a video call on WhatsApp and want to record a call, you get in trouble, how will this call be recorded. Here I am going to tell you a simple trick.

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 This simple trick will easily record your WhatsApp audio call. By the way, Android and iPhone require some special devices to record WhatsApp calls.

This is how calls will be recorded in Android

For that you have to download CUBE CALL RECORDER. After opening the app, go to WhatsApp and then call the person you want to talk to. If you see the Cube Call widget, it means that your call is being recorded. So if your phone is showing an error, once again you open the Cube Call Recorder and go to the settings of the app and click on Force Voip in the voice call.

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 Now make a WhatsApp call once again, the call will be recorded after it is connected. However, if the cube call recorder is not showing, it means that the call could not be recorded.

Adopt this way for iPhone

Can record calls using MaC on iPhone. Connect the iPhone to the MaC using the Lightning cable. Trust this computer will appear on the iPhone, click on it. If you are connecting your iPhone to a Mac for the first time, open QuickTime. In the file section you will find the option of New Audio Recording and you will see the Arrow mark below the Record button.

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By clicking on it you have to select the iPhone option. Then click the record button in QuickTime and make a call from your WhatsApp. Add a user icon as soon as you connect. Call the person you want to talk to again. Recording will begin as soon as the call is received.

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However, let me also tell you that it is illegal to record a call without the permission of another person. So give the call recording information you need to the person you are talking to.

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