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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Caller Name Announcer Pro || Trueceller application

Today we are going to tell you about an app that tells you the name on the call, whenever we get a call on our mobile, the first question that comes to our mind is who is calling.  In such a situation if your mobile is kept in your pocket.  So to trace the caller first you have to take out your mobile from your pocket but what if your mobile starts saying his name when you receive a call.  Yes, this is also possible on this platform if you are using a smartphone.  There are many apps in Google's playstore that do caller ID and are quite easy to use.

Whenever someone call in our phone we have to check mobile to check it, but if you have installed this app in your phone then you don't need to check mobile.  In such a situation, whenever someone calls, your mobile will tell you who is calling, so if you have a work phone, you can pick it up.  If your work call is not received, you can ignore it.

 Calls are also received from the SIM operator company several times a day.  We are bothered by these unnecessary calls, however you can stop these extra calls by talking to customer care but it is stopped for a few days and after a few days the company's calls start coming back.  In such a situation, if we have an application that speaks the name or number of the caller, we can easily identify the calls from these companies.  With this you can ignore these unnecessary calls.

The app we are going to talk about here is called Caller Name Announcer Pro, which you can download very easily by searching Google Playstore.  Now you want to know what will happen to the mobile ringtone after installing this app, then let us tell you that when you install this app, when a call comes, the ringtone will also play and the name of the caller will also be spoken.

 If someone's number is saved in your phone and they get a call, their name will be called along with their ringtone.  In this way, without touching the mobile, you will know whose call has come.

 If we talk about the rating of this app, it has got a great rating of 4.5, you can guess how much this app is getting from the fact that till now it has been installed more than 5 million times.  Features of this app are given below.

 1 This app will show the names of people whose names are saved in your contact list.

 2 If the number is not saved, it will speak the caller's number.

 3  In the settings of this app, you can set to speak saved contact number names or only unknown numbers.

 4 In this app, you can also set how many times you want to call the caller's name.

 5 You can increase or decrease the volume of the caller name by going to the settings of this app.

 6 SMS option is also provided in this.

Apps name that tells who calls

 As we have told you earlier that there are many apps in Google playstore which work to speak caller name.  When you search by typing Caller Name Announcer in the search box of Playstore, you will find many apps in the result.  Here if you are not satisfied with Caller Name Announcer Pro app then you can try some other apps once.

 You can search Caller Name Announcer Pro app on Google Play Store.  When a call comes, the name of the person who received the call will show the list of such apps.  All these apps have received very good ratings.  If you are not satisfied with Caller Name Announcer Pro, you can try using these apps once.

 Caller Name Announcer Pro

 Step-1: First of all search and install this app from google playstore, if you want you can also install it from here.

 Step-2: When you open this app, you will be asked to do speech to text.  For this you will be asked to select Google Text to Speech Engine here.

 Step-3: If you don't have Google Text To Speech Engine in your phone, you can also install it from Google Playstore.

 Step-4: After selecting the speech engine, your phone will be successfully ready to speak the caller's name.

 Conclusion:- So now you must know about the app that tells the name on incoming call.  Here we have given you an example of Caller Name Announcer Pro, how you can set this apps in your phone.  This app is given an example because it has a very good rating and has been installed almost 5 million times, apart from this it is very easy to use.  Hope you like this post of apps that speak name on call.

Truecaller is a widely used mobile app across the world that finds the details of a given phone number globally from its database of user profiles and their synced phonebook contacts, integrated together as virtual phonebook. One can also find the contact details of a person by his name and other details, if he is a Truecaller user provided that he keeps his profile and contact details public.

Other than finding phone number details and profiles, Truecaller has many other functionalities. Truecaller can also be used to block spam calls and SMS. It also launched UPI payments and recharges where one can send and receive money on the Truecaller mobile app itself.

For all these functionalities and features, people are using Truecaller globally and it has more than 250 million users worldwide and more than 100 million users in India. With these things, one can see that Truecaller is a great channel for businesses and brands to reach their target audience on mobile and promote their marketing messages.

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That’s the idea behind Truecaller, a smartphone caller ID app. With Truecaller, when a telemarketer calls you, you’ll be warned before you pick up the phone that it’s a spam call so long as one of the app’s 40 million users have already reported it as such. It’ll also give you info on legit callers, too. And, of course, there is a block feature.

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