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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

You can save animals during this festivals

You can save animals during this festivals free vet & time management game.

Welcome to the foremost realistic hospital simulation game dedicated to animals. lookout of your favorite pets & animals and rescue them during this hospital time management game. 


  • Perform highly realistic surgery 
  • lookout of cats, dogs, tigers and rescue many other pets & animals
  • How to Unlock all kinds of buildings (Operating rooms, MRI, Pet Salon, Ambulance garage and more)
  • Achieve quite 200 missions
  • Complete 6 full stories. You have to Follow the stories of Edan, Ash, Tiny and their lovely pets.
  • Hire & manage your medical staff like vets, nurses, assistants, technicians & groomers
  • You can expand your animals hospital by adding new floors!
  • Stay Tuned! Regular events happen within the game!  આ પણ વાંચો : જુઓ તમારો કાર્ટુન અવતાર

You can Operate Now: This Animal Hospital is an intense surgery simulator and time management game (dash). Animal game that allows you to perform realistic surgical performances as a day-to-day vet would do. Besides operations, it's your duty to run and manage the hospital. All features of this game come to light: Animal care, Staff Management, Build & design, and amazing storylines.


Doctor we'd like you! Operate Now: Animal Hospital is that the first realistic animal surgery game. Get the prospect to work pets (cats, dogs) & wild animals like tigers and become the simplest vet surgeon within the world. If you would like to be an animal doctor, vet, or just love animal rescue, you're within the right spot! Read also: Get SSC / HSC Duplicate Mark Sheet Online


If you wish building games, this is often the proper game for you. Create your own hospital, extend the amount of floors and choose the planning of the rooms. Operate Now: Animal Hospital is supposed to be the foremost realistic hospital simulation. you'll need to build and customize medical departments like during a real hospital like operating rooms, examination rooms, ambulance garage, MRI etc. આ પણ વાંચો : ધોરણ 10 અને 12 ના વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે બેસ્ટ એપ

Hire & train your staff like during a management game and make your hospital a reference within the world.


You can save animals during this festivals


Ahmedabad City: 94296 00108, 81415 65606, 78781 71727,81282 57004, 98240 25045, 98797 54204, 98257 14841, 94294 10101, 94294 10108, 98983

Chandkheda: 7878760073, 8866002424, 9824530047, 9824388961, 8401609874, 8401389493, 7600704644, 7383763680

Naroda: 94290 24066, 99789 11341, 9913398174

Gandhinagar: 95586 76128, 95580 30771, 98242 56410,84606 19519,07923220560,07923260632


Surat City: 98251 19081, 97122 22788, 81419 99900, 98255 92595, 0261-3131 901, 92281 11305

Maroli / Navsari: 98982 21127, 98984 25244, 99745 62232, 99255 22206


Vadodara City: 0265 - 2354825, 9377666964, 9898693659, 9904716996, 9925058137

Rajkot: 9898019059, 9898499954, 9898019059

Bhavnagar: 9925019895, 9824913912, 9825577725, 9913332141

Surendranagar: 98255 30444, 98252 29685, 94272 16143, 98792 97101,97273 66100,98258 29798, 9727366100

Nandubar: 89754 25678, 89756 43339, 89756 43330

Disa : 94264 39127, 89800 52849, 95743 44004, 96381 08200, 96381 08200

You can save animals during this festivals


Ther is a Live dramatic storylines centered around charismatic characters working in your hospital, and their pets: આ પણ વાંચો : તાલીમ રોજગાર માં ઓનલાઈન રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરાવો

Meet Edan Stone

The suddenly Edan arrives to the hospital shortly after reading about it on social media. She’s an idealistic vet. She likes to lookout of animals and may be a student, specializing in zoological medicine. She is extremely talented, and she or he knows it. Edan is hot tempered and regularly annoying in her self-righteous confidence. Read also: 50000 ની લોન મેળવો ફક્ત ત્રણ મીનીટ માં એ પણ sbi બેંક માંથી

You can save animals during this festivals

Meet Tim “Tiny” Thornton

“Tiny” to his friends, is one among the older members of the team. A well-built ex-con performing on parole with a heart of gold and a soft spot for all furry creatures great and little . He’s been with Ash since the start as a volunteer, and was promoted to nurse by him, solely due to his experience and care he put within the job. This doesn’t sit right with Edan. He takes care of the animals that stay overnight and is additionally part time bouncer.

And more characters are expecting you!

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