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Friday, March 19, 2021





Where Corona was first identified: The first Corona test was conducted in this lab in Ahmedabad, working here without a single leave for 404 days.

B.J.  The medical college's microbio lab has tested 2.13 lakh samples in 13 months

 Although 90 per cent of the employees are women, neither Sunday nor public holidays nor festive holidays are held here.

Corona virus, which has been deadly in Wuhan, China since December 2019, entered India in January and Gujarat on March 18 last year.  However, testing of the virus had already started on February 8 in the microbiology lab of BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad.  Since then, the lab has been operating without a single day off.  Various vaccines have been developed based on tests and findings for the corona virus.

 The lab, which started on February 8, is continuously working

 The first case of corona in the state came positive on March 19, 2020, which had already started the lab for corona testing at BJ Medical College from February 8.  The most important and interesting thing is that the lab has not been closed since the beginning of the lab for corona testing, i.e. it has been beating for 24 hours and the process of testing the sample is going on.  The lab was first started with a staff of 35 from the Department of Microbiology, Professor, Technician, Resident Doctor.  Then as Corona's case progressed, testing was speeded up with the help of staff from other departments.

So far, more than 213,000 tests have been performed at BJ Medical Lab

 As the first corona testing lab in the state, BJ Medical College has so far tested more than 2 lakh 13 thousand samples.  For the first 3 months, samples were taken from all over the state and sent to BJ Medical College for testing.  Some of the complicated reports were sent to Pune for verification.  Dean of BJ Medical College and Head of the Department of Microbiology Dr.  Pranay Shah says that the experience gained in the operation of bird flu, swine flu, plague has proved to be very useful in the testing of corona.

In Ahmedabad, one of the two approved labs in the country


 After the first case of corona was reported across the country in January last year, the ICMR had allowed corona testing labs at only two locations across the country except the National Institute of Virology in Pune.  Permission was granted for testing at the Microbiology Department of BJ Medical College affiliated to Civil Hospital and Neigrihams Hospital at Shinlog, Meghalaya.  As the world began to understand the whole corona, experienced technicians and professors in the microbiology department of BJ Medical College accepted the challenge for testing.

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