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Thursday, March 18, 2021

Mera Ration Application

 Now do not have to be in line, you can do this from mobile to wheat-rice book

Now you don't have to stand in long long lines to take ration. Sitting at home you'll be able to book ration.

Apply Mera Ration All the news for Ration Rational Holders who can book sitting at home

Ration card holders from the Central Government have launched Mera Ration Application by which the ration will be able to book sitting at home from your phone. This App is a part of the forest Nation One Ration plan launched by the Government of India. You will be able to book a ration from the apathy, wherever you are sitting in anywhere.

How to Download

the first Google Play Store go to the Google Play store and search Mera Ration App download and install Application Open Registration by giving their Rational Park's Detail

The benefits of this app will be the most advantage of tourist people This app will be the true information of the Ration Shop Ration Card Holders Ration Card Holders will find all the information related to taking ration, all will be available to everybody will be easily available to the ration. Mera Ration Apart from this, users will see the details of the acquisition currently made. This time AP is available only in Hindi and English

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