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Saturday, April 3, 2021

How to Remove Any Virus from an Android Phone in 4 Steps

  Remedies to remove viruses from smart phones

The world is full of smartphones and the internet. Smartphones and the Internet have permeated the daily lives of millions of people around the world to such an extent that they cannot live without them for a moment.

However the technology has some limitations. Smartphones are infected by viruses for a variety of reasons. Which causes the smartphone to stall. Or it slows down. Sometimes hackers also cause viruses to enter the phone. Here are some ways to avoid the virus.

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First of all, find out if the virus bothers you as soon as you open the application in mobile? Did you download the app from anywhere other than Google Play Store or iCloud? Problems in mobile as soon as you download the app? If the answer to each of these questions is yes, then install anti-virus in your mobile and scan the smart phone.

Most of the time there is a factory reset facility to remove the virus from the mobile but the problem in doing so is that many necessary things including work data, photo message are also blown away from the mobile.

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Here are some options to avoid the virus

Android smartphones can also be booted in Safe Mode. You can then delete the file by selecting it. When the phone is in 'Safe Mode', all the apps stop working and the data connection also stops. This is done to protect the mobile device.

With Android 4.0 or later operating system you can easily boot the smartphone into 'Safe Mode'

Turn off the device from Android 4.0 or earlier operating system. Hold down the device's on-off button a few times. The logo then appears in the phone. That is, when it is turned on, press the volume down button on the volume down button. The phone will go into safe mode after the tech device is booted.

Download the Application

Press and hold the device's on-off button until a pop-up appears on your mobile. Press the OK button after the pop up appears. This will boot your device into Safe Mode.

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