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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Is egg veg or non-veg? Scientists have found the answer

  Is the egg vegetarian or non-vegetarian? Here's the answer

You may not know this about eggs

Eggs are considered a non-vegetarian food, but some facts about eggs are not acceptable. If we assume that the person eating the meat is a non-vegetarian then the egg is not considered non-vegetarian because it does not contain meat or any organism.

Also, the eggs come from the hens!

The egg comes from the hen, but you don't have to kill the hen to get it, just as you don't have to kill the hen to get caviar or fish eggs. Not everything that comes from animals is non-vegetable, an excellent example of this is milk.

The white of the egg is pure

The egg is divided into three parts, its shell, albumin (white part) and yolk. Egg whites are rich in protein. In which there are no animal cells, the white part of the egg is vegetarian, so the white part of the egg is considered completely vegetarian.

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The yellow part is also considered a wedge, but ..

The yolk of the egg is fat like the lentils inside, this yellow water has cholesterol and protein, this yellow part cannot be demarcated, so yoga is non-veg.

A chick is born from an egg

If most of the eggs found in the market are unfertilized, it is almost impossible for a baby to be born from them, the eggs can be saved!

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