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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Misdemeanor in Rajkot Civil: Attendant rapes old woman on fourth floor of Kovid Care Center

 Misdemeanor in Rajkot Civil: Attendant molested an elderly woman undergoing treatment on the fourth floor of Kovid Care Center, police registered a crime

Attendant doctor turns off ward lights, police probe into misconduct

The old woman, who was admitted to the Kovid Center at the Civil Hospital in Rajkot, was horrified when she called her family members to the hospital, alleging that she had been mistreated. Following the serious incident, hospital officials and police officials also rushed to the Kovid Center. The 60-year-old woman, who was staying at a residence near Rajnagar, was shifted to Civil Hospital for treatment on Wednesday. The old woman was admitted to the fourth floor of the Covid Center this morning after finding out that her oxygen level was very low.

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 Pradyumnagar police has registered a complaint of misconduct against an attendant named Hitesh Zala and conducted further investigation. Statements of other patients admitted to the ward and personnel present on duty will be taken. Hitesh Zala has turned off the lights of the ward and opened a police investigation into the misdemeanor. The audio clip of the old man and his family has gone viral.

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The old woman could not resist as she was not in good health

The old man was shifted to another ward after Corona's report came back negative. The attendant of the ward where the old man was admitted started pressing his head as if to bring it to him. After a while, the attendant started physical harassment by pressing his head. They could not resist because the old man was not in good health. After a while the attendant was leaving. Later, the family members of the bereaved old woman contacted her and told her to come to the hospital soon.

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Details were obtained by counseling the old woman

So when the old woman's family rushed to the hospital, the old woman started shouting that she was unwell. The hospital staff and officials present there immediately rushed to the spot. Following the incident, a team of 181 also rushed to the hospital and counseled the old man and got the details. The police officer, while talking to the old man, said that he had misbehaved with him and if the person came in front of him, he would identify himself.

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Police launched an operation

So the police got a list of all the employees who were on duty in that ward. An employee named Hitesh Zala was on duty as an attendant in the ward at the time of the incident. Finally, after the allegation of the old woman, the Pradyumnagar police has registered a case of misdemeanor against attendant Hitesh Zala on the complaint of the old woman.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહિયા ક્લિક કરો 

The whole incident will be investigated today

Pradyumnagar police station PI LL Chavda said that after a preliminary investigation into the allegations made by the elderly woman who was undergoing treatment, a complaint of misconduct has finally been registered against Hitesh Zala, who works as an attendant in the ward. The incident took place in the J ward of the hospital on Friday following the complaint. All the staff on duty in that ward as well as the patients undergoing treatment will be questioned.

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