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Saturday, April 3, 2021

What happens to those who die, their Facebook account?

  Do you know what happens to your social media accounts after death?

Do you know what a digital asset is? What happens to a social media account after someone dies? Indeed, this social media platform is based on the privacy policy of companies. Post is a form of digital asset shared on social media platforms in the 21st century. Social media companies have adopted many methods to access social media accounts after someone dies. Which causes other users to gain access to the data of the deceased to some extent.



The account of the deceased has been saved on Facebook as a memorial. However, if the user wishes, he can also set up deleting the Facebook account after death. Facebook has provided a feature under which a member of your family or an acquaintance can log into the account after your death. But it should be remembered that access is only to posts and pictures, not private messages. 

This nominee can post last from your account and inform people about any untoward incident. After death on Facebook, have to go to settings, click on security and inheritance contact. If you want to keep it as a memorial, the 'Reminder' option will appear on your Facebook account immediately after your name.


Twitter says its users have the option to delete the account with the help of a posthumous person. To delete the deceased's Twitter account, family members must provide their identity card and the deceased's death certificate. In any case, Twitter does not allow anyone else to access the deceased's account.

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Instagram also turns the deceased's account into a Facebook-like memorial. But there is a slight difference between Facebook and Instagram accounts. Instagram does not allow anyone to log in, nor can it change 'likes', 'followers', 'tgs', 'comments' and 'posts'. Posts of the deceased can be shared, but those accounts are not disclosed in search engines.

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