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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Bootlegger murder case: Vishal called two friends and said, "You have to clean the blood and dispose of the corpse, you come".

 Bootlegger murder case: Vishal called two friends and said, "You have to clean the blood and dispose of the corpse, you come".

After a drunken party, the bootlegger went to a friend's factory, and again, talking, Vishal hit a hammer and iron rod.

Bootlegger living in Gokuldham quarters brutally murdered, three accused arrested

આ પણ વાંચો :- શું તમારી પાસે જનધન એકાઉન્ટ છે તો તમને મળશે 1.30 લાખ રૂપિયા

In the case of finding the body of a bootlegger fitted in a box near Riddhi Siddhi's ditch on Gondal Road on Friday night, the police had solved the murder case within hours. Bootlegger Sanjay was beaten up by his friend Vishal after a brawl at a liquor party with a hammer and iron rod. After the murder, Vishal threatened to get his two friends fit into the murder to clean up the blood stains and dispose of the corpse.

The body of Sanjay Rajeshbhai Solanki (37), a bootlegger living in Gokuldham quarters, was found in a box at around 9 pm on Friday. Separate teams of police descended on the ground to differentiate between the murders. Police rounded up 40 people and interrogated PSI Jebliya of the crime branch, who came to know that Sanjay had been having an altercation with his friend Vishal Virendra Borisagar for two days. Police reached out to Vishal and during interrogation, Vishal confessed to the murder.

આ પણ વાંચો :- રાજકોટમાં જોવાં મળી ઉડતી રકાબી જુઓ વિડિયો

Vishal Borisagar confessed to the police that Sanjay Solanki was his friend and when the two friends were having a liquor party on the 25th, Sanjay got drunk, then on the afternoon of the 27th, Sanjay again had a provocation when he was drinking near the pan shop and He was arguing with her and was leaving his factory in front of the Fortune Hotel on the 150-foot ring road. While the factory was sitting by itself, Sanjay rushed to the factory at 5 pm and started quarreling again.

Sanjay, who had been giving a span of two days, got himself agitated and picked up an iron hammer lying in the factory, slammed into him and hit him with an iron rod. After killing Sanjay, Vishal was on his way home and called his friend Vivek to remove the puddles of blood from the factory and dispose of the corpse but Vivek refused to come and threatened to fit him in the murder case and the two cleaned the puddles of blood. Were and with the help of Vivek filled the corpse in the sack and the two left the factory.

આ પણ વાંચો :- 11.8 કરોડ વિદ્યાર્થીઓના ખાતામાં પૈસા જમા કરશે સરકાર, શિક્ષણ મંત્રીએ કરી જાહેરાત

Eventually the corpse was lying in a sack in the factory. Amit had called Kothia on the morning of the 28th to dispose of the corpse and asked him to bring a packed box for the corpse. Amit fitted the corpse box coming to the factory and Amit tied the box full of corpses to the scooter. He then took a scooter with a huge box and went out to dispose of it. When Riddhi Siddhi reached Nala, the box fell from the scooter and he fled. Police arrested all three accused.

Chronology of brutal murders

આ પણ વાંચો :- 10 વર્ષ પછી તમારો ફોટો કેવો દેખાશે જોવો અહિયાં 

Bootlegger Sanjay and the factory owner were huge friends and had occasional mehfils.

On the 25th, when both of them started getting drunk, Sanjay broke up with his friend Vishal

At 12 noon on the 27th, the leaf shop had a headache again and Vishal kept going to his factory.

Sanjay reached the factory at 5 pm on the 27th and started talking again

The agitated Vishal hit his friend Sanjay with a hammer and an iron rod

At 9 o'clock on the night of 27th, he called his friend Vivek, cleaned the puddles of blood and packed the body in a sack.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહિયાં ક્લિક કરો 

Vishal called his friend Amit at 10 am on 28th to dispose of the body but he did not go.

At 4 pm, threatening Amit went to the factory and packed the corpse in a box

At 9 o’clock at night a huge scooter took out a box full of corpses and the box fell near the ditch

At 2 pm, Vishal's involvement became clear and the police picked him up and the other two accused were also arrested

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