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Friday, May 28, 2021

Caution - Keyboard apps can steal your phone's data!

 One thing that is said in today's digital age is that if you don't pay, you are not a customer, you are a product.  When people download the app to a smartphone, they can't decide how much internet the app will use and what kind of data it will collect, but it's more than you might think.  Many app developers nowadays try to create a product for the customer using bedpractice.  Of the many apps on Apple's App Store, do you think the one you're downloading to use a keyboard different from the company's default keyboard could even spy on you?  So let's find out today how all this is done and how to avoid it.

 A team of Chrometech Security researchers has discovered a virtual keyboard application that collected data from 21 million users from each user's smartphone on their server and that data was leaked online without even password protection which revealed the truth about this application.

 Founded in 2010, AIType is a customizable and personalized on-screen keyboard that people use in mobile phones and tablets.  Due to the misconfigured Mongodibi database, 8 GB of data was leaked online, which also contained sensitive data from many users.  According to the security researcher, the company uploaded data ranging from user contacts to key-strokes.  The 21 million user data that was leaked contained the following information:

 1 .  Full name, phone number, email address

2 .  Device name, screen resolution, model details.

3 .  Android version, IMSI number, IMI number

4 .  The name of the mobile network, the country in which you live and the languages ​​used by the user

5 .  IP address, GPS location

6 .  Links and social media profile information including photo, email and birth date.

 When the researchers installed the app on their iPhones for testing, they found that if the user wanted to use the app, they would have to give it full access.  Did.  Other additional data includes Day on Average Message, Message on Words, User Age, Day on Words which can provide complete information about the user.

 How to survive?

 Usually no one can know if the data theft of such an application collects secretly.  Generally, before installing any application, its review should be read and permission should be given as per the requirement of any application and it is advisable to uninstall the application if any one comes to ask for more permission.

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