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Sunday, May 23, 2021

Symptoms of Black Fungus

 A shocking case of black fungus: no steroid taken, no oxygen support;  However, within 2 days, the vision disappeared and the eye started coming out

A woman from a village in Bihar's Ara district had a fever 20 days ago.  At that time, the woman was cured by taking medicines from a local medical shop.  At this time, the woman did not show any symptoms of corona or other ailments, so she decided to go to the hospital or seek medical treatment.  But suddenly after 2 days the woman's face became swollen and there was unbearable pain. 

Gradually the woman's left eye began to protrude and even disappeared.  So the woman visited a local doctor to get immediate treatment.  There the doctors did a CT scan of the woman which revealed that she had black fungus.  The doctors immediately sent the woman to AIIMS for treatment.

 The doctors were also amazed

 Dr. Akhilesh Singh, who treated the woman at Arani Kaushalya Samay Hospital, said the case was quite different, the woman did not have any serious illness nor did she show any symptoms of black fungus.  The woman stopped seeing in her left eye within 2 days and then the eye started coming out.  Since all these symptoms are of black fungus, we confirmed the disease by CT scan.

 They further said that if a patient recovers from corona just a few days ago, he has to take special precautions to prevent the disease.  In which the patient has to boost the immune system and the patient suffering from sugar and blood pressure needs to be more careful.  You also have to be careful when eating and drinking and exercising.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહીંયા ક્લિક કરો

 Constantly monitoring the symptoms of the disease

 Doctors said that even in people who do not have corona or any other disease, the symptoms of black fungus often do not come up despite the corona infection.  Patients are at higher risk.  If you come across any kind of disease symptoms at such a time, you must consult a doctor.  Treatment is much easier if the disease is caught in the early stages.

Some of the symptoms of this disease include headache, toothache.  In addition these symptoms can also occur.

 1 Pain and redness around the eyes and / or nose

 2 fever

 3 cough

 4 Shortness of breath

 5 Vomiting of blood

 6 Uncontrolled diabetes

 7 Changed mental state

 What to do

 Follow this to get rid of black fungus.

 1 Control hyperglycemia

 2 Check blood sugar after receiving leave from Kovid-19 hospital

 3 Consider the timing and dosage of taking steroids.

 4 Clean the water from the humidifier while doing oxygen therapy

 5 Use antibiotics or antifungals properly

 What not to do

 What to avoid so that the infection of Mucormycosis does not become serious

 Avoid warning signs and symptoms

 Do not take symptoms like nasal congestion lightly.

 Get tested for fungal etiology

 Treat mucomycosis quickly

 Remedy and precaution

 Take these steps to prevent black fungus infection.

 Use a mask if you are going to dusty places.

 Cover yourself well when applying soil (gardening), algae or compost

 Black fungus or Mucormycosis can affect people with weakened immunity, and steroids and medications given to a patient, especially in Covid-19 disease, can significantly affect a person's immunity.  Which can cause you to be affected by a black fungal infection.  So there is a need to be health conscious for at least 2 weeks after recovering from the corona virus.

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