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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Troubled by hanging smartphone, follow these 4 tips

 Troubled by smartphone hanging, follow these 4 tips – Hello friends, Ankit Jain warmly welcomes you again to this technology blogging website.  Friends, today we have again brought a new article for you.  Today we are going to talk through this article that if you are also troubled by the hanging of your smartphone, then we will tell you five such tremendous ways through this speculation, by following which you can avoid the problem of hanging your smartphone.  Huh.

 By the way, in today's time, more than one powerful processor smartphone has been launched in the market.  And due to having more RAM and storage in these smartphones, these smartphones hang very less.  But sometimes in the smartphone for some other reason or those who have old smartphones.  There is a problem of hanging in his smartphone.

 If you also have an old smartphone.  Or if any of your smartphone hangs again and again, then you do not need to worry because through this article we are going to tell you 4 such great tips, which you can follow and save your smartphone from the problem of hanging.  Huh.  If you follow these tips given by us, then your smartphone will start running like butter.

Tips – 1

 First of all, delete all the unnecessary things you have in your smartphone's storage.  And after that you have to go to the Settings option, click on the Storage option and you have to click on Cache Data.  If you follow these tips in your smartphone, then you will see that the speed of your smartphone will have increased a bit now.

 Tips – 2

 In today's time, everyone installs unnecessary applications in their smartphone.  Install only those applications on your smartphone that you need.  And you have to transfer all the applications of your smartphone to the external memory card of your smartphone.  And you have to keep the memory card of your smart phone empty at all times.  If you do this then your smartphone will not hang.

 Tips – 3

 Save as many Video Photos MP3 Songs as you can on your smartphone.  Transfer all these complete data to the external drive of your smartphone.  You have to try your best to keep the internet drive of your smartphone free at all times.

 Tips – 4

 Whatever methods we have told you once, even after following all these methods, your phone hangs again and again, so now you have to factory reset your smartphone.  If you factory reset your smartphone, then all the data on your smartphone will be deleted.  Here you have to note one thing that before doing the factory reset of your smartphone, you must check the necessary data of your smartphone on another drive.


 Friends, we told you through this speculation that if you are also troubled by the frequent hanging of your smartphone.  So by following the tips mentioned by us, you can save your smartphone from hanging again and again.  The way we have told you through this article, if you follow these methods, then you can be sure that your smartphone will no longer hang.

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