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Sunday, May 22, 2022

જ્યોતિષ શાસ્ત્ર / શરીર પરની આ 7 જગ્યાએ તલ જણાવે છે કે, તમે કેટલાં ધનવાન છો

 Sesame seeds are found on every part of our body, it is normal to have spots on the body parts.  Sesame seeds are usually found on the limbs from birth.  And it can happen even then.  However, from an astrological point of view, having a spot on the body is of special importance.  This sesame also shows a lot about our destiny based on oceanography.  According to oceanography, the sign of having spots on certain parts of the body is considered auspicious.  Accordingly, having body parts in these seven places is considered financially auspicious.

 1 is fond of eating

 According to oceanography, if a person has a spot on his stomach, he is rich in money and financially.  He is also very fond of food.

 2 Gain fame

 If a person has a spot on his toes, this spot is a sign of being rich.  Such a person tends to gain a lot of fame on social issues.

 3 There is no shortage of funds

 According to oceanography, if a person has a spot between the navel and the genitals, there is never a shortage of funds in their home.

 4 Happy married life

 According to oceanography, if a person has a spot between the two eyebrows, it is believed that the married life of such people is happy and financially strong.

 5 If there is sesame on the beard

 We see that people often have sebum on their beards.  However, it is said that people who have sesame seeds on their beards are beautiful.  But according to oceanography, it is considered auspicious to have sesame seeds on the beard and at the same time it reduces financial difficulties for them.  Such individuals are not short of money.

 6 Wealth is acquired

 According to oceanography, when there are spots in different places on the fingers of the hand, if there are spots on the smallest finger of a person, such people have a lot of wealth.  When a person has a spot on the ring finger, such people get rich and famous.  And if there is a spot on the index finger, then this person is rich but at the same time he is worried about enemies.

 7 Such people make a lot of money

 Also, if a person has a spot on the left side of the nose, this is a sign of wealth.  If a person has a spot on the back, such individuals earn and spend a lot of wealth.

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