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Saturday, May 14, 2022

ગરમીના કારણે રાત્રે ધાબા પર સુવા જતા લોકો ધ્યાન રાખજો!અમદાવાદમાં એક ઘરના ધાબા ઉપર રાત્રે બન્યુ એવું કે…

In all the districts of Gujarat including Ahmedabad, the heat wave is slowly rising and due to the heat people go to sleep on the terraces at night but often thieves and smugglers steal while they are sleeping on the terraces. A similar incident took place in Ahmedabad city.  In which the thieves have taken advantage of the heat and stolen the mobiles of the people sleeping on the floor at night time and have been caught red handed by the police.  Police have seized 11 phones from the accused and differentiated the crime from different police stations and the special thing is that the Ramol police inside Ahmedabad have arrested two accused.

 Police have resolved a number of theft offenses by arresting two persons on the basis of intelligence during patrol.  In particular, the police found 11 mobiles of different companies from the accused and the theft was carried out at night when people were sleeping on the floor.

 Police have seized 11 mobile phones and a motorcycle worth Rs 1 lakh from the accused and arrested him along with one accused named Sultan. Police have started an investigation.

 Both of these accused have been stealing mobile phones from people sleeping on the floor while they are sleeping on the floor as it is a hot period with the sky.  Is

 Also, all the three accused are sharing the material of the stolen goods.  He also confessed to stealing up to five mobile phones from the same society.  The whole incident is being investigated by the Ramol police to nab the wanted accused inside this corner.

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